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Nick Sundberg Put A Lot Of Work Into This Lego Photo

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Three days. $800 spent. Lots of sore fingers.

That was the price paid earlier this week by Redskins longsnapper Nick Sundberg, who was busy piecing together a 16 square foot Lego picture based on a photo featuring himself with kicker Kai Forbath and punter Tress Way.

"My fiancée found this website that will take any picture and turn it into Lego form," Sundberg said. "So we basically made a big spreadsheet of all the pieces we needed and then tried to find them online."

That proved to be a difficult task. The Lego website, as it happens, doesn't have a high supply of burgundy pieces.

Sundberg was forced to navigate some third party Lego sites ("random people on Ebay, basically," he said), negotiating with sellers who had the correctly colored pieces he needed.

"You're like 'Oh my God, this is so weird,"' he said. "But we ended up finally getting everything."

He admitted he and his fiancée both made accidents along the way – staring at a screen for hours at a time didn't help – and they had to improvise with some colors to add some shadows and depth to the picture.

But both Way and Forbath loved the final result and the piece is now hanging on Sundberg's basement wall, another addition to his collection of Washington sports memorabilia.

For all of the struggles – seeking out pieces online and placing them perfectly together – the project let Sundberg tap into his childhood, building, but never playing with, his Lego sets at home.

"Finally seeing it done," he said, "I was like, 'Yeah, this is totally worth it.'"




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