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Of Course Nick Sundberg Will Go To D.C. Prom With You, Sofia

Longsnapper Nick Sundberg has long been an advocate for Dreams for Kids D.C, a children's charity that "provides life-changing activities that empower children with physical and developmental disabilities to unite with their peers and realize their potential."

He's also known Sofia Arbeen, who was named one of the charity's 2015 Participants of the Year, along with her brother, Jake, who has autism.

Well, the spring is rapidly approaching, which means so is dance season. Sofia, with some help from her mom, sent Sundberg a video message asking if he would accompany her to the Dreams for Kids D.C. prom.

"Do you like dancing? Do you like food? Do you like water?" she asks. They were all easy questions for Sundberg to answer.

But just so it's clear, they'll go only as friends.




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