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PHOTO: Niles Paul Reflects On His Favorite Training Camp To Date

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Niles Paul is recovering from surgery to his left ankle and naturally has become nostalgic about his teammates and his time on the field.

Take his latest Instagram post, in which he gives a heartfelt and positive outlook on the last three weeks, which he says re-affirmed his love for football.

The smiles driving the cart tell it all. Here's his full message.

"This pic is probably my favorite pic from this past training camp. It just embodies the amount of fun we were having out there on a day to day basis. Even when camp had beat us down, we still found a way to go out there have fun & compete. This also was by far my favorite training camps to date. We competed, we fought, we got better, & in the end we came together as a team. It sucks that I won't be able to be out there on the field with my brothers this year but I am grateful that I got to experience a training camp like this one.

"Up until this year football felt strictly like a business, a means to take care of my family per say. Things were different this year tho & maybe I was the only one out there that felt this way but I really felt like a kid again. Out there talking trash, trying to steal the day away from the defense for bragging rights later on. For once in a long time I was out there just playing a game that I love to play with my boys."




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