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Pierre Garçon Loves Washington, D.C., And Would Definitely Stay There After Football


Rob Kelley will have you know that even though Miami is home, and even though that place has beaches and ocean and family, Washington, D.C., may just hold his future.

"I love DC," he said on "Redskins Nation." "DC is amazing."

Redskins WR Pierre Garcon hosted his 3rd annual White Party to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington at the Millennium Building in Washington D.C. on Thursday, June 4, 2015.

Why so amazing, Pierre?

"All of my family loves it and they come up here and we learn a lot by just being here," Garçon said. "We go to the museums all the time and we go to the monuments and learn about history…I have people that want to come up here and see things, see the Redskins, see the white house, and just enjoy being in DC. I definitely love it and I would definitely stick around if I had the opportunity."

It seems like there are many opportunities for him. He's got his SpinFire pizza established in Northern Virginia and he's also made major inroads with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, D.C., celebrated each year with his All-White party.

Which, by the way, is this Thursday.

"The Boys & Girls Club is a great place to go after school," Garçon said. "You know after school, you have nothing to do, you can either get in trouble or go have fun and play sports with your friends. I grew up in something similar, but it was a church after school program where I learned my football skills, it's where I learned to be good at math, everything really. It is very important after school for those kids to have a great place to go."

The reason for the All-White aspect of the party? Both practical and emotional, which could also describe why Garçon wants to stay in the DMV.

"It is slimming, especially when everybody else is wearing white, it makes everybody feel good and happy," he said. "So that was part of the reason I wanted to change it up and have everybody wear white."




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