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PSA: His Name Is Kirk Cousins, Not Kurt, Curt...Or Kirt

Quarterback Kirk Cousins set the Redskins' single-season passing yards record (4,166) on Sunday against the Cowboys. He threw three touchdowns (and threw a touchdown in every game this year) and completed 80 percent of his passes, breaking several other records along the way.

This was all after leading the Redskins to an NFC East division championship last week in Philadelphia and making the phrase "You Like That!?!" a viral phenomenon since mid-October.

The point being, people should know the first name of their favorite team's quarterback. 

But, as it was noted by Cousins himself on Monday, who tweeted out a letter sent to him in the mail, some, nay many, fans still don't know the first name of their team's quarterback.

This error, and sometimes typo (because they do sound and are spelled alike), has spawned its own Twitter account to right the wrong committed by so many eager to hit the tweet button without proofing their work. Even nicknames like "Captain Kirk," which you would think would help with name recognition, haven't seemed to help some.

The account "Kirk (Not Kurt)" has made it its mission to fight this injustice. They've corrected everything from Kurt, to Kirt, to even Curt, which is honestly closer to Colt, as in Colt McCoy, the team's backup quarterback. 

Maybe the playoffs will help people realize the errors in their spellings and Kirk will get letters addressed to him with the right name. 

Or maybe not. 




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