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Public Defender's Bullet-Wounded Redskins Cup Replaced By Team


UPDATE: The Washington Redskins saw what happened to Patrick Sellers "jetta of justice" and his favorite team cup during... Posted by 13NewsNow (WVEC) on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Patrick Sellers, a public defender who works out of the Pasquotank Courthouse in North Carolina, was happy to leave work with his life on Monday.

Authorities there are still looking for two suspects that fired shots at the county courthouse as people were leaving, and witnesses said multiple bullets hit the building as well as vehicle at the scene.

The last detail is important.

The vehicle, known as the "Jetta of Justice," belonged to Sellers, a Redskins fan inside the building, who just happened to have his beloved Redskins cup in the car. Somehow, a bullet pierced right through the top, rendering it shattered and useless.

There were no reports of injuries, except for that Redskins cup.

And so, after hearing about this story, Redskins owner Dan Snyder decided it would only be right to replace Sellers' possession.

Sellers received a note in the mail and a brand new Redskins cup.

As far as glassware is concerned, justice was served. 




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