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Rams Insider: Bradford A Familiar Opponent


In an odd scheduling anomaly, the Redskins will face the Rams on Sunday for the third season in a row, with each matchup taking place in St. Louis.

This will be the third start of Rams' quarterback Sam Bradford's career against the Redskins, an experience that has gotten more challenging against a resurgent Redskins defense.

"[The Redskins'] pass rush last week was really good--those guys got home," Bradford told the media this week.  "The guys they have up front are big, physical, athletic guys who are good pass rushers by themselves."

The Redskins played 100 percent man-coverage against the Saints last Sunday, and forced several sacks with good coverage downfield.

"The man coverage they played really locked up the New Orleans receivers, and forced Drew [Brees] to hold on to the ball for a little longer than he probably would have liked to," Bradford noted.  "I think those pass rushers are great by themselves but when that back end is playing as well as they are, that makes them even better."

With two young franchise quarterbacks on the field Sunday, the comparisons will be inescapable for Bradford and Robert Griffin III.

Few quarterbacks understand the pressures that Griffin III is facing better than Bradford, the 2010 No. 1 overall pick.  It's no surprise that Bradford has a similar drive for perfection.

"I expect myself to play at a high level. I expect myself to be very consistent week in and week out," Bradford said.  "I don't think anyone from the outside or anyone in our organization can put more pressure on myself than I already do."

While the two quarterbacks have never faced one another in the pro ranks, the two have met on the gridiron before during their overlapping time at Oklahoma and Baylor.

"I remember [Oklahoma Head] Coach [Bob] Stoops always talking about [Griffin III] and being worried about him with his ability to make plays with both his arms and his feet," Bradford recalled.  "He's a very talented young quarterback and really does both run and throw the football.

"Obviously, he played really well last week and I'm sure he will continue to play well."

Rams' head coach Jeff Fisher agreed with Bradford's assessment of Griffin III, and recognized the elite rarity of Griffin III's debut.

"I saw the same thing everybody else saw. What a terrific debut – very, very impressive," Fisher said candidly.  "As people were saying, that's historical. He did a great job.

"[Griffin III] threw with accuracy. He was poised, made some plays with his legs and has a good grasp of the offense."

In order to contain Griffin III, Fisher said the Rams have a plan in place to stop the hybrid playmaker.

"It's not easy, and we're going to have a long week," he said.  "We've put together the start of a defensive plan that we think is going to allow us to be successful.

"If you're lucky defensively, you try to create a one-on-one situation with the quarterback. With his athletic ability, he usually wins that."




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