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Ranking The Best Of Terrelle Pryor's Offseason Workout Videos


Though wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. hasn't played a snap for the Redskins yet, he's posted enough highlight videos from his offseason workouts to make that seem irrelevant. In doing so, he's ingratiated himself with a community of Burgundy and Gold supporters eager to see him continue the team's prolific offensive numbers from last season.

Pryor has posted a workout video nearly every day since March – at least, that's what it seems like – and has in turn distinguished himself as one the team's most important and entertaining accounts to follow. Most players are working and conditioning over this five week hiatus before training camp, but Pryor is the rare talent that cares enough to show this training each day. He addressed his social media habits just this past week.

So, this isn't coming from a place of arrogance (the diversity of workouts and places and people he's with in these videos certainly breeds some suspicion, sure). But at their core is Pryor just being happy to share his progression as a wide receiver, trying to play catchup with peers that have been honing their craft for years while he was quarterbacking.

With just a week before training camp, here's a ranking of the 10 Best Workouts from Pryor's offseason, just a taste of what fans will get to see up close and personal in Richmond.

*Editor's note: Pryor posts many more videos to his Instagram stories but they aren't able to be saved like his Twitter videos. *

10. The Water Works

Pryor makes most things look easy, so it's especially hard to see the amount of exertion and strength to make running through this water treadmill look easy, too. This doesn't show off his football skills, so that's why this ranks last on this list. But it does a nice job of displaying the depths of his workouts.

9. The Slalom

If Pryor can make time for the Winter Olympics next year, he may have to consider skiing. No routes will be run like this during a game, but his footwork and body positioning certainly will help him move through traffic in the secondary. It's also really hot outside and he's wearing a long sleeve shirt, so kudos.

8. The Snowman

Right around the time he signed his contract with the Redskins, Pryor posted this workout in the freezing cold. His footwork is limited because of the temperature, but this is impressive as a feat of battling the elements. There's a reason he's practicing in a place called Warrior Stadium.

7. The Tennis Ball

Aside from just working on footwork, Pryor incorporates catching a tennis ball at the same time to his regimen. It's nobody's "fault" but your own if you don't "love" this.

6. The Quarterback

It wasn't long ago when Pryor was throwing footballs for a living. He switched to receiver last year full-time with the Browns and grabbed more than 1,000 receiving yards. While working out with Randy Moss last week, he decided to throw some darts to Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson. Seems like he's still got it.

5. The Backup Hill

Pryor writes that he likes to be uncomfortable on this video. Let's start with the setting, a random sidewalk on a hill. It's not exactly an ideal spot for workouts, but Pryor gets points for creativity here. I like the car that drives by that probably has no clue an NFL star is working out. I also like his all-white Redskins attire.

4. The Balancing Act

This video has it all: Resistance bands, balancing balls, catching passes in the trainer's room. Even if you didn't read this in a Stefon voice from Saturday Night Live, Pryor's dedication to catching passes in precarious circumstances is inspiring and hopefully means good things for the team's red zone struggles from last year.

3. The Antonio Brown Camp

The Steeler's No. 1 reciever and Dancing With The Stars contestant invited the Pennsylvania native to work out with him for a few days in June. Here was just a taste of some of there training, which included racing against each other, too.

2. The Push Off

Don't shed any tears for Pryor's son. Sure, he gets shoved out of the way by his dad, but this is more of a J.T Snow grabbing Dusty Baker's son at home plate kind of move. The beach workout is important, even at night, and the only way Pryor's son will learn that is through a little tough love.

1. The One-Hander

I don't think Redskins fans would mind this in a few games this year. No need for Jamison Crowder to back up what we can watch in this video – an incredible one-hand catch thrown behind him as he spins away. You can just picture Pryor doing this in the back of the end zone, can't you?

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