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Redskins Check In At No. 15 On ESPN's Way Too Early Power Rankings



The 2015 NFL season ended just two days ago (congrats, Denver Broncos) but the minds over at ESPN are already looking ahead to 2016. Enter the "Way Too Early" power rankings list. 21 voters (a smaller than usual number) ranked No.'s 1-32.

ESPN admits that it is "difficult to predict anything before free agency and the draft," so take this hierarchy with a grain of salt.

The Redskins check in at No. 15, which is a significant bump from No. 27 in May of last year. Why are they here and where are they going? ESPN shares their thoughts.

*"Why they're here: A mid-pack ranking for a playoff team is essentially a three-word response to the 2015 season: OK, prove it. As in, prove the growth was real and the playoffs were more a result of Washington's rise than Tony Romo being hurt, a collapse in Philly and the end of the personnel-plagued Tom Coughlin era in New York."*

For what it's worth, the Cowboys (No. 13) are they only NFC East team higher on the list, with the Eagles (No. 20) and the New York Giants (No. 21).

You can read all of ESPN's take – and see where the rest of the league stands - here.

Redskins fans are sure to be excited that this year's team is receiving a little more credit, even if No. 15 isn't the dream position. But remember, the burgundy & gold was almost unanimously voted to round out the bottom of the league out of last season. Remember what happened there? Yeah, we do too.




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