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Redskins Fan Matthew McConaughey Pledges Support For Kirk Cousins


Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey was on The Rich Eisen Show on Friday, discussing his support of Trent Williams, being a fan of the Redskins from an early age and "Fat Rob."

The season isn't over yet, but one very passionate celebrity Redskins fan is already calling for the team to re-sign Kirk Cousins this offseason.

Matthew McConaughey went on The Rich Eisen Show Friday afternoon and discussed his love for the Redskins and some thoughts he has on the team. When asked if he felt Cousins should be back with the team next year, McConaughey didn't even have to consider.

"Yes. Yes, let's sign him. Let's do it," McConaughey said. "Yeah, I've seen enough. Let's do it."

As far as what he likes in Cousins' performance, the Academy Award-winner pointed out some things he felt he has improved on individually, as well as his confidence in where the franchise is going as a whole.

"I think [Cousins is] getting better," McConaughey said. "I like that he's getting a little more confident using his legs too, cause he's got good legs as far as being able to get out and move around," McConaughey said. "I'm happy with where we are and where we're going."

The pair also discussed how exactly McConaughey, who grew up outside of Dallas, became a Redskins fan from an early age. He revealed that it was partly due to wanting to see the Indians vs. the Cowboys on TV and a love for hamburgers.

"When you're four years old and your favorite food's hamburgers and there's number 55, Chris Hanburger, linebacker, there's another reason you like the Washington Redskins," McConaughey said. "Then went on to be a big John Riggins fan and the Hogs, Joe Gibbs, the Fun Bunch."

The Redskins have been a part of the actor's entire life, as he reminisced about attending Texas Stadium to cheer on the team and staying up late to watch whenever the team played on Monday Night  Football.

McConaughey also gave his praise for Rob Kelley's rookie performance thus far, but admitted that he was unaware of Kelley's nickname, "Fat Rob" and was curious where the moniker originated. He also revealed to Eisen a lesser known part of his connection to the NFL. His father, Jim McConaughey was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1953.

Despite growing up without any other Redskins fans anywhere near him, McConaughey has remained an ardent fan and is very optimistic about where the team is headed.

"Look we're a tough out," McConaughey said. "I like where we're going. I like what Snyder's doing, I like what Gruden's doing as well...I think we're heading in the right direction."

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