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Redskins Fan Matthew McConaughey Will Call You To Watch Him On 'SNL'

Matthew McConaughey has reached a point in his career where he shouldn't have to worry about making phone calls to people to make sure they watch him host the upcoming episode of "Saturday Night Live."

And yet, that's precisely what he's doing in the first of several promotion spots for the show this week. Maybe he's worried people won't recognize him with that newly shaved head of his

If you remember, back in early October, when McConaughey sat down for an interview about his charity and spoke about his love for the Redskins, he was still sporting his signature head of hair. He spoke to the team that night, prior to the Redskins' victory against the Eagles, and then jetted up to New York City to continue filming a movie.

The man has his priorities.

He hasn't hosted in more than ten years, as he makes clear on one of the promos, but this should be a big night, if only because Adele will be performing.

Let's hope Kate McKinnon is in plenty of skits with McConaughey, considering she gets him to pump his chest as he did in "The Wolf of Wall Street." 




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