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Redskins Fans Love The Foo Fighters


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USA Today published an article linking football fan bases with their favorite artists.

The list is based on fans who purchased tickets on StubHub for both NFL games and live concerts.

According to the list, the Redskins really like the Foo Fighters.

This makes sense. Dave Grohl was raised in Springfield, Va., and considers Washington, D.C. his home. On July 4 this year, he threw a huge Independence Day extravaganza barbecue concert at RFK Stadium, the former home of the Redskins. (This writer attended and had a very good time.)

Grohl recently completed "Sonic Highways," a documentary made concurrently with the band's eighth album. The series devoted an episode to each of the eight cities that inspired their music, one of them being Washington, D.C.

"That's my home town, and I grew up with all of these incredible musicians," Grohl said in an interview with GoldDerby. "My biggest influences, and my real heroes, are all musicians from Washington D.C. that most people don't know about. So, not only did I get the opportunity to tell the story of this amazing city, with these amazing people, and the amazing music that was made there, but I also got to sort of shed light on a city that most people wouldn't consider a musical city."

So, yeah, I'm sure that connection helped in determining which concerts Redskins fans attend.

For good measure, and bragging rights, here's who other members of NFC East are associated with.

Eagles: Maroon 5

Giants: Kenny Chesney

Cowboys: Taylor Swift

In the paraphrased words of Dave Grohl, they're the pretenders.




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