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Redskins O-Line Finding Early Cohesion


The NFL's movement to a more pass-heavy offensive attack has emphasized the value of the quarterback, forcing teams to field better offensive lines.

After yielding 41 sacks last season, the Redskins' pass protection made major strides to start 2012, yielding only a pair of sacks against the New Orleans Saints.

Anchoring the offensive line again this season is center Will Montgomery.  Starting 14-of-16 games at center last season, Montgomery has a read on the tendencies of various defenses.

"When we have the option to have our quarterback keepers it makes the defense play honestly, Montgomery said.  "The tables are a little more even now than they usually are.  The defense usually has the favor."

Montgomery has only played one game with Robert Griffin III, but can already see how agility becomes a weapon.

"Usually you hand it to the running back and the defense has an extra guy in the box," he said.  "But if they do bring down the eighth defender and the quarterback is running the ball then we do have that extra blocker."

Right tackle Tyler Polumbus offered several downfield blocks against the Saints, which allowed Griffin III to extend plays throughout the game.

"I think he adds a whole other dimension to our game," Polumbus said.  "He adds some escape-ability with his athleticism that is going to help us out when the offensive line does get beat, he's going to be able to escape that tackle."

Although much of the attention was on Griffin III's performance, another rookie starter turned in an impressive day as well.

In his NFL debut, running back Alfred Morris rushed for 96 yards and two touchdowns.  Polumbus is pleased with the blockers' success, but cited several ways that the offensive line can be more successful.

"There's always things you want to improve on, but we went in there, had a good week and happy the way that went.  We're looking forward the next game," Polumbus explained. "You just try to continue to execute your assignment.  You continue to execute your technique.  Over the course of the game it'll just pop."

Many things went right in the season opener against the Saints.  However, Montgomery sees areas that the unit can improve moving forward.

"Just executing.  Obviously there were a few plays that we only got a couple yards on versus four-to-five yards on," Montgomery said.  "Everybody has their part on fixing up a few plays here and there."




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