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Redskins Offensive Linemen Have Served Up Lots Of Pancakes

Check out these photos of Redskins pancakes throughout history to celebrate National Pancake Day!

Today, all across America, hungry people will storming their local IHOP's and Denny's restaurants to get great deals on pancakes, on this, National Pancake Day.

But, if you'd like to celebrate without stuffing yourself with some gluttonous, corn starchy goodness, take a browse through the above photo gallery, where you can watch Redskins O-linemen past and present lay out some punishing blows.

Specifically, these tackles are called pancakes (hence the connection), in which the player being blocked is tackled to the ground, effectively flattening him into a pancake. It's an ideal scenario where the blocker has completely eliminated his opponent from the play.

If the gallery still makes you hungry, then go eat some pancakes, I guess. Or, check out the video and see how to make a perfect one for yourself.




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