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Redskins Players React To A Wild Super Bowl LI


There are many words to describe Super Bowl LI, but most will do it injustice. The Patriots' 34-28 incredible comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons seemed through various points of the night to be impossible, then improbable, then unrealistic, before becoming possible, probable and very realistic.

In what was equal parts stunning and heartbreaking, depending on which team you were pulling for, the game, as is typically the case, was just as crazy to follow on social media.

Naturally, several Redskins players privy to posting on Twitter, couldn't help themselves from joining the conversation Sunday night. Here's a little recap of how players felt throughout a game that seemed surely within the Falcon's talons and then so rapidly slipped from under them.

Let's Go Goodell hand that trophy over to New England. In the third quarter he thought he was going to be aTown stomping with the falcons. — Ricky Jean Francois (@Freakyjean99) February 6, 2017

The Goat !!!! — Ricky Jean Francois (@Freakyjean99) February 6, 2017

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