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Redskins Press Conference Quick Hits


Redskins HC Mike Shanahan and QB Robert Griffin III addressed the media following OTA practice on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at Redskins Park. Highlights and full transcripts available.

Quick Hits With Quarterback Robert Griffin III:


On what he is able to do this week:**

"You saw me running a little bit. Started some cross-fields, got cleared to do that by Doc [Dr. James Andrews]. Doing that stuff, I ran two miles this week, out here when you guys weren't out here. So that has been a good part. Still trying to make sure I stay focused on not just the rehab part but also paying attention, getting the mental reps and just knowing it like the back of my hand."

On if he is bigger going into this season:

"I don't think I'm bigger. I think it's the spandex. I mean it's definitely the shirt. I am about 225 [pounds] now. I was 224 last year. You kind of slim down. You slim down throughout the year, so I probably slimmed down to 218. You know, around this time you do put on more muscle and you maintain the weight throughout the year.  That's probably why my pecs look amazing. [laughter]"

On if he has a grasp on when he will be able to do explosive sprinting and cutting:

"It's been a journey. Everyone gets to see the flowers and roses side of it. Out here running and throwing, feeling good about it, having a little energy, bounce in your step, but I've had to be patiently aggressive this whole time, just let my body heal and be aggressive where I can. You run and you do that kind of stuff. I was kind of explosive sprinting there a little bit. Jordan and those guys like to show off for you guys and the camera to make sure they're not beating me. This next month will be the month where I start doing the explosive sprinting and the explosive cutting. It will be good to be doing that stuff for a month-this month-and then a month before camp so I'm ready to go."



Quick Hits With Head Coach Mike Shanahan:

On Alfred Morris improving his production:

"First of all, when you put an offense together with Alfred or whoever your running back is, there is a lot of things to complement the running game with quarterback keeps, play-action passes, zone-read option. You are going to gain a lot of yards with the offense we run. We will adjust accordingly depending on what defenses are doing. He is a unique talent. He can make people miss and very few people can make people miss consistently. He can make the first person miss before he gets tackled. He has the type of power, leg drive you like in a running back and, knock on wood, he has been able to stay away from injury, taking those kind of shots. I think it's the low center of gravity and how he runs. Hopefully he can keep on doing that."

On cornerback Richard Crawford's improvement:

"Richard is a guy that is a very smart football player. He stays in excellent shape. He is a person like London [Fletcher] as a young guy that will be in the film room studying all the time. He's watching film. He's studying offenses. He's looking at our film cut-ups and he is always going to be in the right position. When you go into your second year, all of a sudden you start to feel more comfortable. The game slows down. He knows what to expect. He isn't just thinking about the defenses, he is also thinking about the different types of patterns that are being run within a defense. He is a lot more able to intercept a ball and make plays, which he has done here throughout camp."

On Griffin III improving on dissecting defenses:

"When you come in your first year, you're just trying to learn the terminology of the system and everything's coming at you at 1,000 miles per hour. Your second year, your are more comfortable with the system and you have been through the process of blitzes. You've gone through the running game and you've gone through the passing game, the dropback, the third downs. You have been through it all. So, your second year does slow down a little bit where people can now study defenses. They feel comfortable with the terminology. They feel comfortable with the running game, the passing game, different check-offs, or hots, so it does slow down for them. If they keep on studying the game, they get better and better."





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