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Redskins Press Conference Quick Hits


Redskins HC Mike Shanahan and QB Robert Griffin III addressed the media following OTA practice on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at Redskins Park.
Quick Hits With Quarterback Robert Griffin III:

On his latest progress:

"I've gotten that question a bunch, but the shocking thing is, every week that does pass by that I don't talk to you – you guys – I am feeling better. So that's a positive sign. When it comes to training camp, it is just a matter of how my body feels when I get back on July 25th before we go down to Richmond and we'll go from there. I mean, I've said it a bunch of times I'm pretty confident I'll be ready."

On preparing himself mentally in case there is a setback:

"I'm not. [Laughs] I mean, you just don't think negatively – not to put down the question. I think LeBron [James] said, 'You don't play the game afraid to get hurt.' You don't go out on the court wondering, 'If I get hit like this, is something going to happen?' So, I just don't worry about the setbacks, and I just worry about the progress that I am making moving forward. You just take that when it comes because I don't think it is going to come, but if it does come, you take it and roll with it and just adjust."

On his offseason schedule:

"Yeah, I'm going to get married and that's that. I'm going to go on a honeymoon and everything. I'm talking, I'm planning ahead of time to make sure I do things I have to do while I'm on that honeymoon. I think I'm a responsible guy so I'll make sure I do everything I have to, to be ready – cutting, running, working out – so when I get back and they see me, that they'll be not only impressed, but they feel safe and sound to put me out there."



Quick Hits With Head Coach Mike Shanahan:

On Robert Griffin III's rehab timeline:

"Well, like I said, we listen to the doctors. The doctors will be able to tell you more about that than me. I just shared with you what they had said. So, when the doctors do clear him, then we'll practice him."

On being a part of a child's Make-A-Wish experience:

"It was great. I got a chance to spend a little time with him. He was excited today. I got a chance to meet him. You can tell he was really, really excited to be around Robert and a bunch of the players. He was pretty quick, too. I asked Bruce [Allen] if he signed him to a two-year contract instead of a one because he was pretty impressive in there. We do a good job evaluating running backs and he did a great job today."

On if he expects other injured players to be ready for Training Camp:

"I think so. I think everybody looks pretty good. There might be one of two guys, I'm not going to go into detail, that I have a little bit of question about. But a majority of the guys, I'd say about 90 percent of them will be ready to go."





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