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Redskins Press Conference Quick Hits


Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and HC Mike Shanahan took the podium today following the fourth day of training camp 2013 at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va.

Quick Hits With Quarterback Robert Griffin III:

On the difficulty of remaining patient:

"I say jokingly that I have to be compliant. Coach isn't going to let me go out there and do that kind of stuff. I don't feel like I'm pushing it, or if I was to do it that I'd be pushing myself or pushing my leg. I feel like I'm ready for that, but we're being real cautious right now and taking it slow. That's what Coach wants to do, so all I do is I go out there and prove to my teammates, prove to the coaches, to the fans that I'm ready to go. That's my only goal. I spent all offseason trying to master the offense. You can never truly master an NFL offense, but I feel like I'm pretty close and being a student of the game, watching film, all those things, so I've just got to take it as they give it to me and I got a few reps in the walkthrough today. That's a little bump up from last week, so we'll just keep going like that."

On the next step:

"We're going to ramp it up a little bit. They're going to give me a few more reps in walkthrough every day, and then after that it's just about him [Coach Mike Shanahan] putting me in to the team reps and him trusting me in there that I'll be smart and them trusting that I can make the moves to avoid guys. I feel like I can, but once again I have to defer to Coach and let him make that decision."

On if he will continue to wear the knee brace:

"I don't know if I'll wear it forever. I know I'll wear it the rest of the season. After the first time I had the injury, I wore it for a year and I thought I'd wear it the rest of my life. The next year came around, and I took it off, and we won a Heisman and did a whole lot of other things.  It just depends on how the leg feels. I don't plan on wearing it past this season, but that all depends on what happens."



Quick Hits With Head Coach Mike Shanahan:

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall's ankle:

"That's all I know is that he rolled it. I don't think it's that serious right now. I know it's quite sore. It takes a little while to find out for sure. Hopefully he's okay. We'll know more in the next 24 hours."

On if quarterback Robert Griffin III was more involved in practice today:

"We didn't increase anything today for Robert. He didn't have a walkthrough. What you see there at the start of practice — he plays the first three periods, that's our screen drills. We're not playing against anybody. So we've got the same plan for Robert that we did the first day. We'll have that for the next couple of weeks, make sure he's in football shape. He's feeling stronger. I can see him improving every day. He's getting some good 7-on-7 work; he got about 10 reps today. He had 30 minutes of individual [work], he had 20 minutes in special teams and he worked after practice as well on some of his quarterback keeps and throwing on the run. So we'll continue to do that for a while."

On if anyone can expect a Mike Shanahan Twitter account anytime soon:

"I have never been on Twitter. I don't even have email. I just learned to fax – I mean, text – about two years ago [Laughter]. On a serious side, I don't have an email, I do text but I am not very good at that. I am not getting into Twitter."



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