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Redskins Press Conference Quick Hits


Redskins TE Fred Davis and HC Mike Shanahan took the podium today following the sixth day of training camp 2013 at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va. Quick Hits With Tight End Fred Davis:

On his Achilles and if he feels like himself:

"Oh, yeah. This is day six now and I haven't had any pain in it. I've been going full-go, blocking, running routes, cutting. I feel really good. Just the only soreness I feel is just camp soreness – just a little bit. Other than that I feel pretty good."

On if he believes the Redskins could be explosive at tight end this year:

"I definitely do. I feel like our tight end group is pretty solid. I'm coming back, and then the experience that Niles [Paul] and Logan [Paulsen] got playing last year when I was gone, I definitely feel like the group is going to be strong. I definitely feel like with all the other weapons we have on offense now, I think that's definitely going to make us a lot better too. I definitely feel with all the packages we're going to put in this year for different teams, I think it's going to definitely help us."

On what differentiates the Redskins tight ends from other groups around the league:

"I think Logan [Paulsen] is definitely a good blocker, a solid blacker, and he can actually catch the ball and run down field with it. You got Niles [Paul] who is really fast, probably a 4.5 guy who can really speed down the middle. Then I'm versatile. I could do a little bit of both, so I feel like we have a total package of the all the guys. Then you got [Jordan] Reed now coming in. He's definitely a pass catcher too, so it's just adding more pieces to the puzzle."



Quick Hits With Head Coach Mike Shanahan:

On practicing in the rain:

"It's kind of nice to get a day like that where you have the type of weather that we had. We had no lightning, so we had a chance to finish practice in some wet conditions. That doesn't happen all the time where you're able to do that. I thought we got a lot done. It kind of puts those players in positions that you don't get to practice very often but you'll probably see some time during the year."

On if he is concerned about the state of the practice fields because of the rain:

"I think these fields are great. You're always going to have a situation when there's a lot of rain. You're going to have some people slipping. I didn't think we had that many people slip today. I thought the conditions were pretty good and the conditions you have to practice in. You want to put players in situations that you're going to see during the season. You don't get a chance to do it like this very often because of the lightning factor so I thought that was a positive. Ball security – we had a few turnovers on offense. You can't do that. You've got to deal with the elements, so I thought that was a positive."

On increasing quarterback Robert Griffin III's reps:

"Our plan initially was to give him on the first three days we'd gave him eight reps in 7-on-7. Next three days, we gave him 10. Today, he had 16 or 17; we will continue that for about a week. We have got a plan if there is no setback. If there is a setback, then obviously we alter the plan. But we do have a plan to try and get him ready, and right now we have stayed with the plan."



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