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Redskins Radio Row Recap 2/3: Bruce Allen

ESPN 980 has their set-up at Radio Row in the heart of San Francisco, and what better way to kick off its three days of broadcasts there than with a conversation with Redskins President Bruce Allen.

Amidst the chaotic backdrop of the convention center, which sees hundreds out radio outlets and television shows nestled next to each other – and many players and celebrities nestled together, too – Allen spoke with Chris Cooley about a variety of topics concerning the team. 

Cooley starts off the broadcast by making sure Allen doesn't leap over the hot question of why the Redskins didn't give him a chance to try out at tight end. He then gets to the bottom of the dynamic between the entire front office and coaching staff. Then they talk about the next steps for the Redskins as a team.

The pair then speak about the quarterback situation, primarily as it relates to the decision-making that went into starting Kirk Cousins and then what the future holds for Robert Griffin III.

Cooley then takes Allen down a list of players and gets his thoughts on their previous seasons and what to expect out of them in 2016. Part of that is necessarily praising tight end Jordan Reed's breakout season and determining Alfred Morris' next steps.

They finish up by discussing the difficulty in finding players that are NFL-ready. Specifically, Allen speaks about figuring out how to fill holes in the secondary this offseason and sorting out the wide receiver position, and yes, Allen can see keeping both Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson around. 




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