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Redskins Rides: Check Out These Decked Out Vehicles


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So, every time we think we've seen the best Redskins vehicle, more pop up to impress us and reconsider our rankings.

After posting a hand-painted "fan van" a few weeks ago, complete with the names of legendary players, we found a collection of 12 car (and a motorcycle or two) photos, each offering a unique take on representing the burgundy and gold that might change our leaderboard.

Posted into the Facebook fan group "2014 Redskins Nation," the photos span racecars to motorcycles, inviting car owners and Redskins fans to jot down some ideas.

How about the leather interior on the bottom left or the Sean Taylor number and photo on the hood? Maybe Dale Earnhardt Jr. could consider that No. 13 car, too?

Which one would you start driving today?




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