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Redskins Will Carry Over Substantial Unused Cap Space In 2017


The Redskins will receive a boost in cap space again this year when they carry over their unused cap space from last season. As announced by the NFLPA on Wednesday, Washington will rollover just more than $15 million this season, which should give them around $60 million in cap space if the base salary cap is set at $168 million. The league will make the salary cap official in early March, when the new league year begins.

Since the 2011 CBA, NFL teams are allowed to rollover unused cap space from the previous year, similar to rolling over unused cellphone minutes. Last year, Washington carried over around $5 million, and they will benefit even more this season as they work to negotiate a contract for quarterback Kirk Cousins, who is set to become a free agent after playing on the franchise tag this past season.

The projections for the franchise tag this season for quarterback are close to $24 million.

Washington currently has $6.9 million in dead money this year which will be added to the $115 million in expenses for players under contract. Only six teams have more cap space in 2017 than the Redskins do.

Overall, NFL teams will carry over a total of just more than $293 million. The Browns carried over the most this year, with just more than $50 million, while the Los Angeles Chargers brought over the least, with $113 thousand.

In the NFC East, the Giants will carry over $1.8 million, the Cowboys will carry over $2.4 million and the Eagles will carry over $7.9 million.

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