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Reed Johnson Arrives At Spring Training With A 'You Like That' T-Shirt

Reed Johnson is back with the Nationals for another year, but one thing that's remained constant throughout his entire baseball career has been his passion for the Washington Redskins.

Wednesday marked the first day that MLB pitchers and catchers could report to their respective Florida and Arizona homes for February and March, though many position players often take advantage and come down early anyways.

Johnson did just that and also decided he would mark the occasion by wearing a "You Like That" T-Shirt, which now has a slightly different connotation considering the buzz around Redskins Park is centered on the contract negotiations between Cousins and the front office and the impending deadlines for getting a deal done.

It would seem as though Bryce Harper's decision to wear his own customized "You Like That" shirt is spreading, but Johnson, as previously noted, has been a Redskins fan for a long time.

Maybe the most interesting – at least to those grammar and semantical aficionados – is that the shirt has no exclamations, adding another wrinkle into the ideal way to express Cousins' famous shout following the Redskins' comeback victory over the Buccaneers.




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