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Remember When The NFL Began Adopting The Internet?

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"What is the internet?"

The question was legitimate 20 years ago, as seen in this NFL Sidelines interactive draft packet.

Luckily for everyone here working on the content and social team at, this is no longer a relevant question.

Posted by Brian McCarthy, the internet fact sheet offers a portal into a largely forgotten past that still relied solely on the television, the radio, the newspaper and the postal service for communicating and relaying news about sports.

"The World Wide Web is a rapidly expanding portion of the Internet with computer servers housing documents containing text, graphics, and even audio and video," one bullet point reads. "The internet is a social phenomena with enormous future implications for personal and business communications."

You have to give the NFL credit for being able to see this far ahead into the future, especially considering the product they currently provide.

Nowadays, of course, you can watch the Redskins play from your mobile device and receive breaking news on Twitter.

We've come a long way from "Why is the Internet important?"

What new technologies are emerging today that will we be laughing at ourselves in 20 years?




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