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Ricky Jean Francois Has 'Gotta Roll' With The Warriors When Playing NBA 2K


Over the last year, it's been common for members of the Redskins defense to spend time with each other outside of Redskins Park. Terrance Knighton and Chris Baker hosted gatherings at their homes last season to watch basketball or football or play video games, a natural way for football players to bond and talk more trash.

Some rules to these eventual get-togethers have already been established, however, by rookie Su'a Cravens, who wasn't shy in expressing just exactly how he would treat somebody who decided to play with the Golden State Warriors on NBA 2K after Kevin Durant announced his decision to join the Warriors in early July.

If you're claiming to be a king in 2k and you're beating people wit the Warriors, please break your disc and turn your Xbox in... Thank you — Su'a Cravens (@Sua_Cravens) July 4, 2016

If you choose the Warriors on 2k at my crib I will throw you out my house like Uncle Phil did Jazz on the fresh prince! — Su'a Cravens (@Sua_Cravens) July 4, 2016

Considering how much weight you put into a rookie dictating group video gaming, the gauntlet was at least thrown. But Ricky Jean Francois doesn't subscribe to that philosophy, and will likely not get kicked out of the door like Jazzy Jeff from "Fresh Prince" if he has anything to say about it (height and weight should play to his advantage there).

In an interview with Jim Rome on Wednesday, Jean Francois elaborated on why he has no problem using the Warriors to his video gaming advantage.

"It's not dirty pool, ain't nobody put anything on the manual when the Heat had Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James on the same team, I didn't hear no complaints about that," Jean Francois said. "You have a team with the best five shooters in the NBA. I gotta roll with them, I can't roll with the Heat, I'm a Heat fan I love them, but they ain't got my guy Dwyane Wade, he went to Chicago, many blessings to him I hope he does a great job, but I gotta roll with Golden State. I'm in Virginia, KD is from that way, I gotta rep with where the man goes."

Jean Francois (while a loyal Heat fan) also spent the first part of his career in San Francisco, so this may also be a case of some favoritism. Either way, he respects Durant's career-move despite the star athlete receiving criticism from NBA legends for taking an easy route to a championship.

"KD wanted to take his talents somewhere else, let the man take it," Jen Francois said. "Shouldn't be no judgement. At the end of the day he has to win first. He has to win a title first to make that actually happen. He can go there and they can lose in the playoffs and what's everybody gonna say then? "You shouldn't have left, you should have stayed with Westbrook, you could have won with him." But Westbrook is gonna have a hell of a season because when Durant was sitting out, Westbrook I think had 12 or 14 games with a triple double, that man had MVP numbers so that man may just be the MVP this season.

"The man was in OKC," he said. "I understand he had one NBA championship appearance, and he'd been so close to getting it. Why not go with the team that has the best chances and can help your career?"

Like there was last year, plenty of heated NBA discussions should take place this fall in the Redskins locker room. 

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