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Robert Griffin III's Looking Forward To Fatherhood

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While Robert Griffin III knows that his upcoming fourth season at quarterback for the Redskins will be laced with pressure, he also knows that it will pale in comparison to the pressures – and joys – of being a first time father.

As he announced on Twitter in February, Griffin III and his wife are expecting their first child together. During his appearance on "Redskins Nation" with Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, Griffin III made sure to commend his wife on how she has been dealing with the pregnancy.

"She's doing good. She's a rock star," Griffin III said. "She's been really taking the pregnancy one step at a time and I think she's starting to get a little nervous now, but it's been awesome. Our families have been really supportive, the team's been really supportive."

Of course, having a child can be a full-time job and require nights with little rest. Add on hours of football and the combination can seem like a daunting load of responsibilities.

Griffin III is more excited than concerned.

"Teammates give me a hard time saying the kid is going to have me wrapped around their finger and get sleep while you can," he said. "I look forward to it. It's a life-changer, something I really truly am excited about."

It will help to share his experiences with running back Alfred Morris, whose wife is also pregnant and will likely need another ear to relay parenting stories.

"We have babies popping up everywhere," Griffin III joked.




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