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During training camp, will provide an in-depth look at the drafted rookies, both on and off the field. Today's spotlight is on Evan Spencer, a sixth-round pick.

Evan Spencer isn't worried about hitting certain statistical plateaus during the season.

Would he like to accumulate more catches than he did during his senior season at Ohio State in which he recorded 15 receptions for 149 yards and three touchdowns?

Perhaps. But his focus is on doing anything and everything to registering the most important stat: wins.

"The things that I bring to the table on the offensive side is that I'm somebody who knows where he needs to be, where he needs to line up," he said. "I have a good understanding of what the defense is trying to do, and I try to bring a physical aspect with a lot of speed too. I try to pride myself on being a respectable asset on the field, because you have to be physical because it's the game of football, but at the same time, you have to run away from folks, catch the balls and make plays."

Spencer was voted by his coaches and teammates as Ohio State's MVP last season, a distinction he doesn't take lightly.

Now in the NFL, though, he's ready to carve out a new niche.

"It's an amazing opportunity for me, and it's really fun because I get to come out here and play football again," Spencer said. "It's another time to come out and strap up my shoes, strap up my helmet and go out here and compete. Every day I'm taking on that mindset to just come out here, do my best every day, every play, every rep to make sure I'm getting better and make sure that I'm putting myself at a level where I can compete and contribute to this football team."

His value could be felt right away on special teams, an area he's thrived in before.

"I pride myself on being a complete football player, and being a complete football player is doing everything that you're asked of," he said. "Anything I am asked of, I'm going to do to the best of my abilities. If that just so happens to be special teams, I'm going to do everything that I can and as hard as I can to make sure that I'm getting better and that I'm doing these things to help this football team."

Five W's And One H:

Who do you model your game after?

Check out images of rookie wide receiver Evan Spencer during his first few months as a Washington Redskin.

"Honestly, yesterday I got the question, 'Who do you look up to?' and I had to think about it for a second. As I thought about it, I remembered that as long as I can remember I watched Pierre Garcon back when he was with Indy. Now that he's here, I get to actually sit back and watch him go about his business every day and be a pro. So, I kind of try to emulate myself after him, because he's been doing it. He comes in day-to-day and is a pro, and he handles his business and gets better every day. That's one thing that I've always told myself that I wanted to do. Now that I get to see a pro who's doing it and been successful at it, it's just all the more to watch him and learn from him and to be a great teammate."

What was it like being a part of the first College Football Playoff?"The extra game was definitely an extra game. We felt it, especially after playing a great team like Alabama, but it was so much fun. It was so different, obviously, because of the fact that it was a playoff and an extra game, but the atmosphere and the vibe that was going around was unbelievable. The fact that we were riding on a high and kept getting better and better made it even more unbelievable."

When did you decide you wanted to play professional football?"I don't know, four maybe three, something like that."

Where's the most relaxing place for you to be?"The golf course or a beach, something like that."

Why do you wear No. 85?"Well I was six originally, and I wanted to switch to something that I could keep since obviously six is a quarterback's number. I switched to 85 because it was available, and I wanted to put my stamp on it."

How often to you get to play golf in the offseason?"In the offseason, I try to play golf as much as possible along with getting better and learning my playbook. Whenever I have time, whenever I'm free, I try to get out and throw some sticks around."

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