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During training camp, will provide an in-depth look at the drafted rookies, both on and off the field. Today's spotlight is on Kendall Fuller, a third-round pick.

Kendall Fuller is quiet.

He's soft spoken and a good listener, two qualities that help him sponge up wisdom from veteran defensive backs like Josh Norman and DeAngelo Hall as he tries to learn the NFL ropes and let his play do the talking.

"I pick up from all of them, just how professional they are," Fuller said. "What they're saying on the field, how they react, and things like that. Not just watching my reps but watching their reps as well."

Fuller comes from a football family. Two of his brothers are currently on NFL rosters and a third has already retired. His family's football infatuation has shaped the player he is today.

"It definitely helps, just having that feel for the game, understanding it, seeing it for so long," Fuller said. "A lot of people credit me for my instincts sometimes and I think that's why."

His teammates have already noticed those instincts on the field.

"He coming along great," cornerback Quinton Dunbar said. " I mean obviously he's got those genes with three other brothers in the league. Very talented, very technically sound, very smart. He's gonna be a heck of a player."

The Redskins play Corey Fuller and the Lions in Week 7 and Kyle Fuller and the Bears in Week 16.

The Virginia Tech Product likely would have gone higher than the 84th-overall pick had he not injured his knee in his final collegiate season, and general manager Scot McCloughan was thrilled to find a player he feels can be an NFL starting cornerback in the third round. Now healthy again, Fuller's biggest concern is learning the terminology so that he can translate studying tape to making plays on the field, but his teammates feel he already has a grasp on the game.

"I like Kendall Fuller, definitely being able to see him play throughout the season and playing against him in college and you know he had that injury," tackle Morgan Moses said. "He's very instinctive, he's very fast on his feet and he makes great decisions."

Even with all of the expectations from Virginia Tech fans who followed him in his college years, the Redskins fans who want to see him become a star in his professional career, and his family's NFL legacy to live up to, Fuller doesn't let the attention bother him.

"In terms of expectations, me as a player, my expectations should exceed anyone else's, whether it's my brothers, the media, or my family, so expectations don't really get to me," Fuller said.

Major Keys from the Rookies

Who are you listening to right now?

Check out images of cornerback Kendall Fuller during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

"I'm really just a Drake and J. Cole guy. That's about it."

What show do you binge watch?

"I'm a Scandal guy, but I haven't been watching it too much."

Where did you spend your money after signing your first NFL contract?

"(Laughs) Some food. My brothers and I got my mom a new car, a Range Rover."

Are you excited to be playing close to Virginia Tech?

"I was definitely excited, just being not too far, not too close to home. Having a good fan base up here with Tech so it's definitely exciting and I'm looking forward to it."

If you were lined up against your brother, how would you play him?

"Whenever that match up is, I'm going to be ready for that. I'm going to play press, no doubt. I'm going to definitely get up in there."

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