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During training camp, will provide an in-depth look at the drafted rookies, both on and off the field. Today's spotlight is on Nate Sudfeld, a sixth-round pick.

If everything goes according to plan for the Redskins this season, quarterback Nate Sudfeld won't see the field in 2016. With Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy firmly entrenched as the No.1 and No.2 options at quarterback, Sudfeld has the luxury of time to improve every facet of his game.

"I want to be quicker in every aspect," Sudfeld said. "I want to have a quicker arm, quicker feet and a quicker mind. So eliminate clutter, understand the intricacies of what we're trying to do, the philosophy of our offense, and just make it when they call a play I'm not thinking about the play, I'm thinking about how to exploit the defense within the play. That comes with more time, more reps, and I just have to keep working and go one day at a time."

The front office and coaching staff were drawn to Sudfeld's arm strength, size and footwork before the draft, but were also intrigued by his intangibles after he raised the level of play for Indiana when he was on the field. His efforts leading the third team in practice and his classroom demeanor have impressed his fellow quarterbacks who understand how difficult it is to transition from the college game to the professional level.

"It's hard," quarterback Colt McCoy said. "We've all started somewhere and Nate's a real bright guy and he played a lot of football at Indiana, so there's guys that have a lot of confidence in him."

Cousins and McCoy have been selfless in offering bits of wisdom to the Indiana product who is trying to soak up as much as he can from his veteran counterparts.

"I think (my development) is coming along very well," Sudfeld said. "I'm pleased with the progress I'm making, I definitely don't think I'm 'there' at all, I still have a lot of work to do. I'm really enjoying the process of learning from Kirk, Colt and all my quarterback coaches, coach Cavanaugh, coach McVay, coach Gruden, and I'm soaking up as much as I can. But I like the direction I'm heading."

Major Keys from the Rookies


Check out images of quarterback Nate Sudfeld during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

Who are you listening to right now?**

"A wide variety of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Zac Brown Band, a little Coldplay recently, Florida Georgia Line, but those aren't even the classics I always love, but those are the four right now."

Did you binge watch anything this summer?

"I didn't binge watch this last break, but before getting drafted I watched the whole The Office series, it's my favorite series. My favorite character is Michael Scott, but I also love Jim and Dwight."

What was your first purchase after signing your contract?

"I still have my 1990 Lexus from high school. The only thing I bought was I took my family to Disneyland, so that was my one big purchase."

Your childhood best friend, Bryson Dechambeau, is now on the PGA Tour. Is your golf game better than his quarterbacking?

"You know, it's probably pretty close, he was always really athletic. I don't know about throwing a ball, I'm not that great of a golfer, I'd say it's a push right there."

What's it like to have your brother, New York Jets tight end Zach Sudfeld, play in the league with you?

"It's instrumental, it's unbelievable. Being able to talk to somebody who I've always been so close with who has walked the exact same steps as I have. I have been able to call him whenever and he's been very helpful, I'm rooting for him too so I'll see him week two of preseason."

Are you guys talking trash ahead of the Preseason Week 2 Redskins vs. Jets game?

"Yeah we absolutely do, but it's all in good fun. We love each other, but during the game he'll probably go in at defensive end and try to hit me, but we will see."

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