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ROOKIE SPOTLIGHT: Ted Bolser provides an exclusive look at rookie tight end Ted Bolser as he participates in his first training camp.

Ted Bolser understands how fortunate he is with his support system.

Drafted in the seventh-round of this year's draft by the Washington Redskins, Bolser – who set numerous records during his time at Indiana –has the opportunity to work with three highly talented veterans at his position (Logan Paulsen, Niles Paul and Jordan Reed), experienced tight ends coach Wes Phillips and offensive coordinator Sean McVay.

Before assuming his current title in January, McVay was the team's tight ends coach for three seasons (2011-2013).

"It's awesome working with all of them," Bolser said. "You get a different breed of guys throughout all the tight ends. Logan, Jordan and Niles, they've been doing a great job in helping me out. They're great guys.

"They will do anything for me, and if I have a question, they won't hesitate to come meet with me. I've been very lucky to have such a solid tight end group."

Taking pieces of knowledge from each, Bolser said his game consists of a great combination of strong pass-catching ability and versatility."

"I'm a mix between Jordan, Niles and Logan," the tight end expounded when asked how to describe his game. "I can block pretty well and run routes pretty well. I'm just a mixture of all of them."

Mentality On Special Teams
While his pass-catching ability was certainly appealing to the Redskins, his special teams exploits made him a player they simply couldn't pass on when the opportunity to select him presented itself.

He was selected as Indiana's special teams player of the week three times and often lead the way for the unit on Saturdays.

That type of play led to head coach Jay Gruden calling him a "war daddy" on draft day.

"Ted is a good special team player as well as a tight end," Gruden said. "(What) really kind of sticks out (is) he runs down on kickoff like a war daddy. He is a fun guy to watch running down on kicks."

Bolser was a little less poetic about his special teams play, saying his mindset is simple: do whatever it takes to help the team win.

"I'm just going to give it my all no matter what I'm doing," Bolser explained. "Whether that be kickoff, punts or field goals, I'm just going to try to beat the person across me. It won't faze me. I love it."

Five W's And One H

What is your favorite movie?"Happy Gilmore. It's hilarious. It's been at the top since childhood."

Who do you model your game after?"I couldn't even tell you. I kind of do my own thing and try my hardest. If someone does that then I'm modeling myself after them."

How would you describe Virginia weather?"It's actually similar to the weather in Cincinnati, which is where I'm from. You never know it's going to be thundering one day then sunny the next day."

When did you start playing football?"First grade."

What is your favorite place to eat?"It's a place in my hometown called Skyline Chili. Some people might think it's foreign, but it's our hometown food."

How did you come to your decision of Public Affairs as something you wanted to study in school?"It was most appealing to me, and I wanted to do something with business. It was my ticket out, and I got into school and rode it here ever since."




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