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Ryan Kerrigan Approves His Sister's #HBKerrigan


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Back in June, Redskins players were in the midst of their annual photo shoots – many of them serious, some of them a bit silly. Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, after having a career year with 13.5 sacks, took the opportunity to show off his #HBKerrigan, the sack celebration pose he used during the season, using inspiration from wrestler Shawn Michaels.

Also back in June, Ryan's sister, Kaitlin, saw the Redskins' photo of him in his signature lunge, biceps curled and eyes clamped shut. At the time, she was studying abroad in Bethlehem, Israel, so she posted her own version of the pose with an epic background.

Cut to the present and Kaitlin, in a setting better suited to compare photos, copied her big brother's move again.

Following her family's bloodlines, Kaitlin is now in her junior year playing volleyball for Grace College, ranking fourth on the team in digs and fifth in kills (use these terms as an opportunity to learn the sport better) last season.

The team recently had its photo shoot and so Kaitlin took it as an opportunity to keep spreading #HBKerrigan. Oh, and kudos for wearing the Redskins hat.

It's now brother-approved. Might as well continue the tradition on the court.



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