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Ryan Kerrigan Gets A Gift From 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan

If you hadn't noticed in recent weeks, Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan -- who has four sacks in his last four games --  has added a little wrinkle to the sack celebration he started last season, where he poses and flexes the way former WWE superstar Shawn Michaels used to.

And it has a wrestling tie, too.

Before getting down and showing off the guns, Kerrigan starts with a thumbs up.

That's in homage to another former WWE wrestler: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.


On Tuesday, Kerrigan shared on Instagram a 2x4 given to him by Duggan.

"Awesome start to the holiday season.. A signed 2x4 from Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Thanks to Hacksaw for the newest and definitely coolest addition to my memorabilia collection! #HOOOOOOOOO"

In case you weren't a wrestling fan growing up, Duggan used to walk to the squared-circle with a piece of 2x4 wood and a thumbs up.

I wonder what's next for Kerrigan's WWE-laced celebrations.

D-Generation X's moves might be a little too extreme, and he obviously can't do "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's beer drinking (that'd probably be a pretty hefty fine), but surely there's something else.

We'll just have to find out upon his next sack.




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