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Seven Things We've Learned About Jamison Crowder This Offseason

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As players take their final breaks before training camp, The Redskins Blog will take a look back at the new faces from this offseason and what we've learned about them, football and otherwise, so far.

Today, we'll focus on rookie wide receiver Jamison Crowder.

1. General manager Scot McCloughan thinks he'll be tough to cover:Crowder may be a smaller wide receiver, but that has become almost an ideal trait for the slot position in the NFL. He racked up 3,641 yards and 23 touchdowns in a similar role for Duke over his four years. According to McCloughan, his route running is pretty good, "excellent," in fact.

Check out images of rookie wide receiver Jamison Crowder during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

"You know what, for an undersized guy he's got a chip on his shoulder. He's a really good punt returner. He is a receiver first, punt returner second. And he's going to come in here, you put him in the slot, he's going to be tough to cover. He's a football player."

2. Crowder's presence was felt immediately during rookie minicamp:You like to see rookie draft picks show off early in the offseason, however briefly, a few of the reasons why they were chosen by their team. Crowder passed that test, offering a window into his playmaking ability.

"I think Jamison is a guy that immediately, when he came in the rookie minicamp, you could feel some of the quickness, his ability to separate, the natural hands, all those things that you like when you draft him," offensive coordinator Sean McVay said.

3. He just wants to prove his competitiveness:Why is Crowder so good at running routes? It all starts in the film room, with a methodical approach to improving his footwork, trying to gain an edge over other teammates, and eventually, his opponents.

"I'm just trying to show that I'm a competitor," he said.  I'm a guy that's going to be in the film room and study room learning the offense as quick as possible and come out here and make sure that I'm paying attention to my details, like I said, on the right cut and the right break and everything when I need to. I just want to show that I'm a competitor and a guy that can pick it up and learn the system quick."

4. Crowder never had the chance to meet any professional athletes as a kid:Back in May, Redskins rookies participated in their first community event together, running, playing and dancing in a Fuel Up To Play 60 mini-combine. Crowder reflected on the day.

"I know if I was a young kid and I got the opportunity and chance to come out here and be around professionals and athletes that would be a memory that sticks with me forever," he said. "So I'm just hoping that they just have fun and let it be a memory that sticks with them forever."


  1. He's "going to be a good one" according to head coach Jay Gruden: **With a plethora of wide receivers, and with many veterans among the group, Crowder will look to stand out on special teams, carrying the load when he isn't lining up on offense.

"We liked his big play ability," Gruden said. "He can return punts, obviously. That's obviously exciting. Very productive college football player, very tough, and he's going to be an instant playmaker for us. So, that's going to be a good one."

6. He's familiar with his fellow rookies:One is obvious. Offensive lineman Takoby Cofield played with Crowder for several years at Duke and has been happy to have him around to ease his transition onto the team.

"I think for Jamison, seeing me in that locker room and knowing that he's got a guy knowing him for the last five or six years, me seeing him, if I need somebody I just grab them and just [say] hey, you know, it's an easy shoulder to lean on. I know [that] he's been through the same thing I've been through so we kind of speak the same language."

Safety Kyshoen Jarrett, while playing for Virginia Tech, also knew Crowder well from their several matchups in college.

"It's been fun. As a matter of fact, he's my roommate, too," Crowder said of Jarrett. "So we talked about some of the past few battles we had going against Virginia Tech…It's always good to see guys out here that you played against for three or four years. Like me, I'm sure that he's just soaking up this experience and having fun."

7. Crowder dished on his favorite pre-game meal, music and more on Twitter:You've got to love player Q&A's on Twitter, primarily for the randomn assortment of questions. Here are a few facts about him that you might have missed.

His favorite pre-game meal is spaghetti and baked potato. He listens to J. Cole before games. Jerry Rice was his favorite player growing up. He "[doesn't] really drink soda." He'd rather hand the ball off to a referee than showboat after a score. His favorite thing about being a Redskins player? "All the passionate fans."




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