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Seven Things We've Learned About Terrance Knighton This Offseason

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As players take their final breaks before training camp, The Redskins Blog will take a look back at the new faces from this offseason and what we've learned about them, football and otherwise, so far.

Today, we'll focus on defensive lineman Terrance Knighton.

1. Knighton was best man in best friend Chris Baker's wedding:You probably know the story by now. Knighton and Baker played all through high school and promised each other they would eventually be teammates again in the NFL. They stayed friends in their time apart. Now they're relishing their time together.

Check out images of veteran defensive lineman Terrance Knighton during his first few months as a Washington Redskin.

"In high school, we always dreamed about playing on the same team in the NFL and that's what motivated us. We know each other. We don't want to let each other down. So, we both made it to the NFL. Now we have the opportunity to play with each other. There was no way I was going to pass up on a childhood dream."

2. Coaches are impressed with his size, and even more impressed with his foot speed:Head coach Jay Gruden and defensive line coach Robb Akey have marveled at the key cog in the middle of the line for his diversity of traits.

"He takes up quite a bit of room in there. He has great hands and great get off. You see how big he is but you don't realize how quick his first step is, which it really rare for a guy of his size," Gruden said.

"You pay attention to him and you watch him and he's got sweet feet," Akey said. "He can move his feet and he can go. A lot of big dudes aren't blessed with that kind of foot speed and can move like that."

3. Knighton didn't read the script for his Bridgestone tires commercial:A few years ago, Knighton appeared in a few advertisements in which he plays the straight man to some tire specialists' jokes about his size. If you haven't seen them yet, do yourself a favor.

"They sent me a script but I didn't read it…I've heard plenty of questions about my size, I'll have a natural reaction to that.

4. He's focused on passing on the knowledge he's  learned from other NFL veterans:When you have Super Bowl experience like Terrance Knighton, you pick up habits and tips from players who helped get you there.

"I'm going to pass on my knowledge and the things I've learned from other veterans like Peyton Manning, DeMarcus Ware, playing with guys like Von Miller. [I] talked to RGIII all the time about how Peyton prepares in practice and how he prepares in the film room."

5. Knighton began bonding sessions with his fellow defensive linemen:One of the things he wanted to initiate with the Redskins was a better sense of community. That began with a conversation with and ended (and continues) with some hangouts twice a week with teammates.

"We were like 'Look, we've got to start hanging out, we've got to start knowing the guys we're playing with.' That's the only way this group can gel is if we start hanging out more and more, whether it's on the field, in the film room, or even when we're home…We've been watching the NBA Playoffs, eating dinner together and just mingling. It's good to know the person personally that you're playing with next to you. So that's just something I brought here."

6. He described his "Pot Roast" nickname origin story:Everyone calls Knighton "Pot Roast." Even his mother. How did he get it?

"A guy named Clint Ingram from my rookie year. On the plane ride back from Seattle to Jacksonville, it's six-hour flight so it was dark on the plane. Everyone's asleep, so the stewardess is walking down the aisle with food, 'Pot roast, pot roast!' and I was like, 'Here.' So then my teammate at the time was like, 'You say that like it's your name.' It stuck with me six years later, and I'm glad I order pot roast and not shrimp alfredo."

7. Knighton is confident opponents won't be able to run the ball against the Redskins defense:It takes two, sometimes three people, to move Knighton, which is a testament to his feet and size as much as it is his football acumen. Ninety-nine percent of the time, he's said, he knows exactly what play will happen and how he'll be blocked before the ball is snapped.

"The Redskins got me for a bargain but I'm going to prove myself and prove my worth in this league, and I'll just take it step by step. But either way I'm blessed. I'm pretty sure we'll have this thing changed around, and I know for sure – for sure – that people will not be able to run the ball against the Redskins' defense."




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