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Seven Things We've Learned About Vernon Davis


As players take their final breaks before training camp, The Redskins Blog will take a look back at the new faces from this offseason and what we've learned about them, football and otherwise, since their arrival.

Today, we'll focus on tight end Vernon Davis.

1. He's happy to be back home in Washington, D.C.:

Davis spent his entire childhood and young adult life in Washington, D.C., attending Dunbar High School and the University of Maryland, and is overjoyed at the opportunity to play with the Redskins.

Check out images of tight end Vernon Davis during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

"To be back here and see all of the change that has happened in the Washington, D.C., area is unbelievable," Davis said. "This is an amazing place to be and an amazing place to live. I'm just excited to be here and experience such a wonderful opportunity.

"When Scot McCloughan called me I could do nothing but cry because I have an opportunity to go back home and play in front of my family, friends, and everyone who represents the Washington, D.C., area. They have an opportunity to see me play and it means a lot to me because I grew up a Washington Redskin."

2. He is very enthusiastic about art:

A rather unusual talent for a football player, Davis says one of his favorite hobbies has always been art.* *He has shared a passion for it since he was a kid and said it helped during tough times.

"Growing up in Washington, D.C., it was tough to pursue your dreams and the dream in my heart was always to pursue the arts," Davis said. "I want to help young people find new ways to express themselves, to lift their spirits and fulfill their dreams through arts education."

Between him and Chris Cooley, maybe it's just a tight end thing?

3. Vernon loves his new locker room:

As soon as Davis stepped into the building at Redskins Park he knew he was walking into somewhere special. He has spoken countless times since about how upbeat and confident the team is.

"I think it is one of the best locker rooms I have ever been in," he said. "The coaching staff, the players and upper management, everyone is fantastic. I look forward to playing for these guys and with these guys. We don't have a lot of guys here that are cocky or conceded. We don't have that. There's a lot of camaraderie and synergy within this group. I'm elated to be here and experience this."

4. He doesn't care how he is used as a tight end:

Davis is an accomplished 10-year veteran and a Super Bowl Champion, but that hasn't all gone to his head. Instead he has remained adamant this offseason that he is going to work hard and play anywhere the team needs him the most.* *

"I'm here to do my job and play as hard as I possibly can and make plays," Davis said. "That's what I'm here for. Whatever they ask me to do I'll do and I'll do it full speed. I'm not worried about anything else. I'm a strong believer in the harder you work the more success you will have. As a team if we continue to work hard we will do very well."

5. His massage routine helps keep him one of the fittest players in sports:

Davis is known around the league as a legitimate freak athlete, and just recently, Sports Illustrated ranked him as the 20th fittest athlete in all of sports.

"He's a genetic anomaly," tight ends coach Wes Phillips said. "He can really run and he's very powerful in the run game. He's transitioning really well in the room with the group of tight ends that we have and we're really pleased."

Davis was asked during minicamp what his 40 yard dash would be if he ran it today. "I'd give you a 4.36," Davis said. "I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding – I'm being serious." He attributes part of his immaculate physique to the 2-3 deep tissue massages he gets at his house each week.

"Deep tissue works for me – I found that it works over the years," Davis said. "I spent most of my years getting deep tissue work done, and just pretty much doing what works. Everybody's different, and whatever works for you, you should do it and totally take advantage of it."

6. He's been getting his Hollywood on:

Davis has been around show business quite a bit this offseason.

Alongside Michael Strahan and Greg Olsen, he played himself in a sketch on Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer.” It begins with three regular guys at a bar watching football and criticizing their fantasy players -- including Davis and Olsen, who are having poor games.

In a great twist, the tables are turned when Davis, Olsen and Strahan begin criticizing the same fantasy owners at their day jobs.

Davis' high profile offseason doesn't stop there. In an effort to stay in peak shape, he has been training with Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, who might have influenced Davis' diet along with his workout regimen.

7. He owes Jay Gruden $100:

Davis said that Gruden is a tough but genuine coach. He might have meant that Gruden is tough on the wallet, too.

"[Gruden] walked up to me and was like, 'Every time you run a route, I want to see you just go and I don't want to see a skip in your route!'"

You know where this is going

"So I skipped on one of my routes and he's like 'Ah, you owe me 100 dollars!' I'm like, 'Coach, it's just a flat route, come on, man!'"

*Sean Ewing also contributed to this post. *

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