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Shanahan Reviews Injuries, Home Opener


Head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media on Friday afternoon for the final time before the team's Week 3 home opener against the Bengals at FedExField.

On wide receiver Pierre Garçon, cornerback Josh Wilson and safety Brandon Meriweather:

"Pierre is doubtful. He went through drill work so it's a little sore. He didn't take any reps in team, so unless he can go before the game, we'll miss him there. Josh is probable. Meriweather is questionable."

On Garçon:

"It's either he can do it or he can't. He played pretty hard today but it's just a little too sore. He got some good work in early but until he's good enough to go, we still have a question mark."

On the home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals:

"We're excited obviously to play in front of our fans, obviously put a good game together. So you always look forward to your debut and hopefully we can do it the right way."

On if safety Brandon Meriweather will play against the Bengals:

"You have to show up and watch the game…That's our game plan right there. You can't give it away."

On Giants' running back Andre Brown:

"He's been with a number of teams. I was really happy to see him take advantage of an opportunity. [He] got an opportunity to show everybody what he could do. The lights were on and he took advantage of it. He's a great kid with excellent speed. I was really happy for him. [You] have to have an opportunity before you can show people what you can do. A lot of times guys do have the ability but never make it to the field, never have the opportunity to show people what they can do. He did something in practice to impress somebody. He's moved around quite a bit, but he is a great kid. I was happy to see him take advantage of that opportunity."

On Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins:

"He plays very quick – elusive. He can make plays just by his agility and his speed. I think he's really helped them. He can turn any play into a big play."

On the growth in linebacker Chris Wilson since his 2011 release:

"Sometimes, when you release somebody, they're looking for an opportunity to show other people what they can do. I think that was the story with Chris. We like Chris. He helped us on special teams. He went to Philly looking for that opportunity and for whatever reason, it didn't work out for him. I saw him in our building one day and I said, 'I'd like to have you back if you want to come.' He was in the building the next day. We signed him to a contract. Sometimes, it's as simple as that."

On Wilson's transition after sitting out a year:

"I'm going to be able to tell you a lot more here in the remainder of the season if he takes advantage of that opportunity. That's all you can do – is look to have that opportunity and take advantage once you get it. Chris is going to have a chance to show us what he can do with [linebacker Brian] Orakpo going down. Not only playing on defense, but in the nickel and on special teams. You're going to get a chance to show us if he takes advantage of his opportunity."

On if Wilson camped outside his office:

"Almost. Guys look for that opportunity. You never know. Once you miss a year, it's hard to get back into this league. You have to stay in shape. You've really got to be disciplined. You really have to want it. Chris did all of the above."




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