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Shanahan: Veterans Here To Compete, Teach


While each of the 90 Redskins came to training camp in search of a final roster spot, some veterans like quarterback Rex Grossman are being asked to serve as a mentor as well.

"He's great," said head coach Mike Shanahan, citing Grossman's relationship with rookies Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins.  "We've got a lot of veteran players that want to help the younger players."

Grossman was re-signed as a free agent this offseason after the team made the trade to move up and taking a quarterback. 

Shanahan reported during OTA's that Grossman was aware of his role on the team in 2012: first and foremost to help and support Griffin III as a starter.

Secondly, Grossman is here looking for an NFL roster spot, even in a reserve role.

"I have to maintain my ability and get better," Grossman said.  "Continue to work on the things that I do well, and focus on the major things that held me back, which were the turnovers.  That's been my focus."

Shanahan has been pleased with the quarterback unit so far, and credited Grossman with embracing his critical mentor role for the team.

"When [he was] a rookie, he probably had a vet really sit down with him and give him some tips that some veterans don't do," Shanahan suggested.  "These veterans are here to help our football team win and improve. 

"At least [in terms of] the mental preparation for some of these young guys."

As for how comeptitions will shake out between veterans and young players, Shanahan does not have a preference based on age.

"A veteran comes in and he's not in great shape, he loses his job," he said.  "To me, the great teams have that talent competition where you just let the best player play."




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