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Statement from former head coach Ron Rivera

11122023 WK10 WASatSEA EF00245

I want every Washington fan to know how much I appreciate your unwavering support. Through all the name changes, roster moves, non-football headlines and seasons that did not meet your expectations, you still stood by this team. We did win an NFC East title in 2020, but we fell short since then and for that, I am truly disappointed.

You are loyal, passionate fans and I only see good things ahead for you all.

Thank you to Josh Harris and his partnership group for the past five and a half months. I enjoyed working with you and I deeply appreciated the engagement and support you gave me and the team throughout the season. It was evident from the very moment we met that you are going to be a great steward for this team. You have already shown the fans your full commitment to rebuilding this franchise and renewing the unshakable bonds between this team and the entire Washington community. I am lucky to have known you and Washington is lucky to have you.

I'm going to miss the players and coaches more than I can express. Your professionalism, toughness, work ethic and dedication to the game is a credit not just to this franchise or the game itself but to each of you. You all showed up, every day, wiling to play hard for the team and that commitment will serve you well as better days are ahead. You will always have a place in my heart and my door will always be open to you.

To the coaches, thank you for your hard work and 24/7 commitment to this team. I am grateful for your dedication to your craft and your mission to make each of your players the best they can be. I want you to know that you made a meaningful, measurable difference in every game we played.

My life has always been football and it is a wonderful life. As a player, and now as a coach, I've watched in amazement every week as the impossible is done again and again on the field. I have tremendous respect for the NFL because of all that it does to lift communities and bring people together. Football has become an integral part of America and America is a part of what is truly great about football.

As for Washington, it wasn't easy and there is a lot more to be done, but I believe we began to change the culture of this organization in meaningful ways. And on a personal note, it has been one of the greatest honors of my career to serve this franchise and those who cheer it on every week.

Finally, to the people in this room, thank you for your professionalism, for your love of the game and see you down the road!

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