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#TBT: DeAngelo Hall Wins Small Fry Dunk Contest

I just saw where @DeAngeloHall23 won the intramural small fry dunk contest here at VT. I love it. — Josh Kestner (@jkeslovesJesus) July 20, 2015

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If you're as successful and hardworking as someone like cornerback DeAngelo Hall, you tend to look through the windshield, not the rearview mirror, and don't dwell on previous awards, especially if they came from college.

So, you can forgive Hall for forgetting about his intramural award as the "Spring Men's Small Fry Dunk Contest" champion. I'm sure in the moment it was memorable, but then Hall hit the football field and things got a little hazy in respect to intramural teams.

Still, funny to consider Hall a small fry, even though cornerbacks are typically smaller-sized players.

To his credit, Hall replied on Twitter to Josh, who posted the photo, and asked him where he found it.

@DeAngeloHall23 haha! They have all Intramural winners pictures posted in War Gym, even all the way back to 2002 with the young DHall pic — Josh Kestner (@jkeslovesJesus) July 20, 2015

So, if you ever get a chance to visit the War Gym at Virginia Tech, then make sure you check out the intramural champions hall, where one young DeAngelo smiles for receiving a T-shirt after winning an intramural contest he didn't even remember.

Now that's a real throwback.




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