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Terrance Knighton Debuts His 'Capital Roast' Sandwich At Harris Teeter


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To be clear, Terrance Knighton's "Capital Roast" sandwich wrap, which he introduced Monday at Harris Teeter in Reston, Va., does not have actual pot roast inside it.

"I thought about it," he said. "I think it would have been too predictable."

He has a point.

Terrance Knighton visited Harris Teeter in Reston, Va., Monday afternoon to unveil his signature sub "The Capital Roast" to fans that were shopping.

Regardless, Knighton stopped by the super market to let fans shopping get a taste of his signature sub, which features roasted chicken, pepperoni and bacon topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, oil, vinegar, ranch dressing and a dash of salt and pepper on a white flour tortilla.

Available at the deli until Oct. 28, it's only $3.99, in case the ingredients weren't tempting enough.

"I think it's really good," Knighton said after taking a bite for the first time. "I mean, I personalized it myself. I did it based on what I'd like to have for lunch. It's really tasty. I'm happy how it came out. I definitely have to bring some for the guys during the week."

Samples were served for the makeshift line that formed to see Knighton in person, chat for a bit, take some photos and receive his autograph to make the visit official.

For Knighton, the wrap also reminded him of home.

"My mom would make me sandwiches and I always put pepperoni on them. That was like my little twist. That was my thing," Knighton said. "I'm still a kid at heart. Whatever makes me feel good, that's what I'm going to eat."

If only we could be as lucky as him. 




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