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Terrance Knighton Writes About Being Called 'Pot Roast'


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"I was hungry. Shocking, I know," writes Redskins nose tackle Terrance Knighton to begin his latest Players Tribune column, showing off both his wit and ability to pen a captivating lead.

What follows is a once-and-for-all, "this is how I got my nickname" written account, to settle any discrepancies, and presumably, so he can respond to people who keep asking him about it with a simple link to his story.

Knighton has of course explained the way he received "Pot Roast" pltny of times, and he does so again here, citing the incident on the Jaguars team plane and the "limited" food options served, though in more elegant prose.

It was linebacker Clint Ingram who made "Pot Roast" stick, the jokester of the team, and Knighton, being a rookie, wasn't inclined to object, you know, being a rookie and all.

"When you're a rookie, you don't talk back or jaw with the veterans," he writes. "You also don't get to pick your nickname, I learned. They just give you one. I didn't think it was gonna stick. Everybody on the plane was asleep, so I figured nobody heard him and nobody would remember or talk about it after that. I thought it would just brush over.

"But it stuck."

Of course, the big takeaway from this story is that Knighton rarely eats pot roast, just a couple times in his life, actually. Then he ends with something wonderful to ponder.

"I'm just glad I didn't order the shrimp alfredo."




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