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Terrelle Pryor Sr. Reaping Benefits Of Hard Work


Terrelle Pryor Sr. has showed fans all summer how hard he's worked to perfect his craft. Beginning immediately at training camp, Pryor is reaping the benefits.

The night before training camp: the best time to kick back and relax before three grueling weeks of practice. Don't tell Terrelle Pryor Sr. that, though.

After checking into the team hotel in Richmond, Pryor headed for the best open area in the building. There was work to be done. So there he was – documenting on social media as usual – working on stability and hand-eye coordination with elastic bands and tennis balls.

"Yeah, I mean that's just my lifestyle you know and I like to show people that because it's my lifestyle," Pryor said. "I have goals that I have to chase and I can't let anybody stop me from obtaining those goals. So every single day, everything matters to me. I was working little things because I look at it like this, we have about three/four weeks in the hotel so every single day you work on something little in the hotel; whether it's balance, core – you're going to get better. So that's how I look at it."

The next morning, prior to Thursday's camp-opening walkthrough, Pryor was by the JUGS machine making sure he caught 100 passes.

"Catching 100 passes before walkthrough, I'm going to try and get 100 [passes] in after [walkthrough] and then, 100 before practice today," Pryor said. "So, it's just constant work on catching the ball, constant work on perfecting your craft."

Coming off his first season as a wide receiver, Pryor is working to prove that his performance wasn't a fluke. He caught 77 passes for 1,007 yards despite playing with five different quarterbacks in Cleveland last season.

Now in Washington, Pryor can look forward to more stability with his signal caller as Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is coming off back-to-back impressive seasons. The chemistry was already clicking in training camp's opening day as Cousins found Pryor multiple times – often with plenty of space to make the catch.

"When I watched him in Week 4 I believe it was against the Browns, I was really impressed with what he was able to do, the separation he was getting, the number of times they went his way and he was still producing," Cousins said in his press conference Thursday. "He had a great year last year, we just want to build on that and hopefully give him an opportunity to have even more success this season."

Following the past couple seasons where Cousins relied on shorter receivers in DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garçon and Jamison Crowder, Pryor's height – listed at 6-foot-4 – will be a welcome target for Cousins. Training camp will be important for the duo of Cousins and Pryor to establish their timing.

"Terrelle is really talented running down the field," Cousins said. "I have been very impressed with his down-the-field skills with his speed. I think being such a long strider; he can really cover ground when it doesn't look like he is."

Cousins likely won't have a problem adjusting to Pryor's sneaky speed during the weeks in Richmond. When the two aren't working together, you can find Pryor at the JUGS machine making sure his hands are ready for opportunities he'll receive in his new offense.

Pryor's endless work has made him confident that his 2016 season was only the beginning of his ascent as a receiver. His reaction to seeing Redskins fans at training camp for the first time: "I'm going to give them what they are looking for."

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