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The Best Of Kirk Cousins' Reddit AMA


After completing the Redskins' 31-30 comeback victory over the Buccaneers last week, and then quickly becoming a viral internet star with his rhetorical "You Like That?!" question on his way to the locker room, quarterback Kirk Cousins stopped onto Reddit for an AMA session on Friday afternoon.

It was a way for Cousins, partnering with, to promote his fast-selling "You Like That" T-Shirt, in which a portion of the proceeds go to The International Justice Mission to help protect the poor from violence in the developing world.

Cousins discusses being drafted, the complexion of Mike Shanahan's face, his love of music and his shoulder pads, among many other things.

You can see the whole thing here, but here are some of the highlights.


What were your first few thoughts when being drafted by the Redskins?**

I was surprised... of the 32 teams, if you'd asked me before the draft who was the least likely to draft me--I'd have told you the Redskins, so I was obviously surprised. But at the same time very excited cuz it was a lifelong dream to play in the NFL, it was cool to have a Superbowl-winning coach to call me saying he wants me on his team. A dream come true.

As an NFL player, you are obviously more athletic, and better at football than 99.9% of the population. Was there ever a point that you realized you were gifted? Either more talented and/or athletic than everyone else in junior high, high school, or even college?

I remember in elementary school, having a friend on the playground at recess--we were in 3rd grade--saying "you throw a football really well." I remember saying "thanks man" and he was like "no man, you throw a football REALLY well, like not just good for the playground, like REALLY well".

I remember it to this day, so I guess it stuck with me. Through the years, other people mentioned it, but I wasn't a big high school recruit or a star player in college right away. Growing up, I played on the freshman team when I was a freshman, JV team when I was a sophomore--I wasn't this prodigy that was destined for greatness either.

What's something about Jay Gruden that people who haven't met him wouldn't know?

I would say that Jay is a really funny guy. I don't know if people know that but he's got a good sense of humor. He can make fun of you if you give him material -- so you've gotta be careful you don't give him any. He knows how to in passing make a comment that'll make you think... He's a teaser.

Was Mike Shanahan as red in person as he is on TV?

Hahahaha, we used to joke about that. So I know what you mean.... when he was calm and relaxed, no, but when he was fired up... he'd get pretty red.


Outside of sports, what are you best known for among your friends and family?**

Well, going back to my high school days, I was in choir, I love listening to different kinds of music and going to hear different groups sing...Broadway, anything. My love of music would have to be it.

Who in the NFL has been most instrumental in helping you develop as a QB?

It's hard to single out a single person. Jay was huge. Mike was huge. The two offensive coordinators I played for, Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay, of that group, the one I worked along side for the longest time is Sean--he's been with me all four years

I always see a bit of green under your jersey during games? Could you tell us what that is? Old Michigan State jersey?

I wear my shoulderpads from Michigan State still to this day. That's what you see. The shoulderpads they gave me after I got drafted just didn't feel comfortable. Rex told me that he still wore his same shoulderpads from the Bears, which gave me the idea to wear old pads that I knew well, felt good, so I had my Michigan guys ship them to me at the Skins facility. I'm trying to wear a tighter jersey so they don't show through as much, but it's always worked for me, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm on my 9th season of football with those pads, so I'm interested to see how much longer they'll last. For now they're still kicking.

Whats your best non-pro football moment?

Probably marrying my wife Julie last summer. That was a life-goal of mine -- to marry up as I like to call it. I definitely married up when I married Julie.

What quarterback did you idolize growing up?

Well, what's kinda funny is a lot of the QBs i grew up watching are still in the NFL. They go from people I watched and learned from to people I'm competing against. I was in 7th grade when Tom Brady won his first SB. I was in elementary school when Peyton was drafted. I remember watching Drew Brees at Purdue when I was in middle school. It's kinda a weird position where I'm now considered a peer of theirs, but they've been doing it for so much longer--these are guys I've looked up to for such a long time, and now they're competition.

You like that?

laughs so I guess the answer would be.... yes?... I guess you could say... I like when we win.


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What is your favorite picture of yourself?**

I don't think I have a favorite picture of myself, but sometimes I can have a very intense stare. Sometimes too serious. I gotta relax and smile. That's what my wife's for, to remind me to just smile and relax--not get too serious.

What are you going as for Halloween, Kirk?

Haha, I haven't gotten a costume yet. Last year I was Buzz Lightyear, which went over pretty well, so I might do that again. My all-time best costume was Steve Bartman. I was a Chicago Cubs fan going up. I dressed up as him one year and won a prize for best costume, so I've always got that as an option...

Is Eli [Manning] as sexy in person as I think he would be?

From a QB's perspective, anybody who's got a pretty good game looks pretty sexy. Whether it's any QB in the NFL, we all look a lot better when we throw for 400 yards and a win. We're a lot sexier after a win than after a loss.

What's your favorite movie that was released in the 90's?

Hah, oh man... I feel like my teammates and I, we quote Happy Gilmore a lot, and Billy Madison, so I may have to say those since we quote em so much. I also loved some of the sports movies that came out when we were kids like The Mighty Ducks and Remember The Titans. Those were some great movies -- I wish they'd make more of those.




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