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The Redskins Reunite Beavis And Butt-head


Mason Foster had toyed with his Twitter followers all day on Tuesday, tweeting out gifs and responses, like "I plead the fif," when asked about returning to the Redskins. He was practically dying to break out some positive news.

Wednesday, right before the word broke that he had indeed signed with the Redskins, he tweeted out a photo of Beavis and Butt-head, the nicknames given to him and linebacker Will Compton late last season, which highlight their jump to starting inside linebacker together and their similar sense of humor.

Compton saw this tweet and posted an emoji of two friends holding hands, which then prompted a full Twitter conversation to break out, beginning with some wrestling gifs.

Foster signed in late September but the duo came on strong at the end of the year taking over the starting roles, their cohesiveness an extension of their previous familiarity – both were teammates with linebackers Adam Hayward and LaVonte David from time spent in Nebraska and Tampa Bay.

"We hit it off right away," Compton said of Foster. "He came from Tampa, LaVonte is one of my best friends. He played with Adam Hayward, so when he came in, it's just like another teammate coming in.  We kind of hit it off right away, but we sit with each other in meetings. He's a good football player."

"The thing I was lucky with was I always liked Mason when he came out," general manager Scot McCloughan said of Foster.  "He was a football player through and through; a tough guy, big guy, smart guy… Sometimes it's a crapshoot because they're getting older, you worry about injury, that kind of stuff, but the thing that's good about me being around this so long now, even these guys have been out five to eight, 10 years out of college, I still know them, remember their make up like Mason Foster. I knew exactly what he was."

It seems as though the pair's chemistry has only grown on Twitter. Just wait until they're in the locker room again, battling it out to be the great Cornholio. 




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