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Things We Learned At #SkinsCamp: Part 1

The Washington Redskins conducted their first day of training camp practice Thursday, July 30, 2015 at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va.

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After three weeks at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center, here's a look back at what we learned from practice, from the players and from the fans in Richmond, Va.

The first of three parts, today will focus on the opening week of #SkinsCamp.

Ryan Kerrigan's new contract means the world to him:Maybe you forgot because much has already happened in the last three weeks, but linebacker Ryan Kerrigan began training camp with a contract extension, something he, the organization and fans were thrilled about.

"When you come into the NFL, you get drafted by a certain team, you immediately develop a certain affinity for that team and that organization, that city, and I certainly feel that way about the Redskins," Kerrigan said. "And for them to give me this kind of vote of confidence to hopefully finish out my career as a Redskin means the world to me."

The contract was due to his incredible play. The timing of it, however, might have been due to his recent "Sharknado 3" fame.

"I mean it's kind of coincidental, you know," he said. "It gets done after seeing my Oscar award-winning performance of mine in Sharknado [3]"

Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones believes the city is "Coming into its own":Celebrating the third year of partnership with the Redskins, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones addressed the media as training camp opened, excited to continue the city's relationship at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center.

"We like to say that Richmond is resilient," Jones said. "It's a city that's really coming into its own. We have great universities, a great restaurant scene, great recognition nationally now. We're really on the scene and the Washington Redskins training camp is a part of that."

He also joked about learning that Maryland crabs are actually from Virginia. Something to think about, Maryland.


Redskins fans come from far and wide:In one of multiple fan profiles* *written each day of training camp, we caught up with Richard and Brenda Wray, who live in Las Vegas and have spent the last three years flying out to Richmond, Va.

"Once you're a Redskins fan, you're always a fan," Brenda said. "As I wander around Las Vegas during football season I see all the teams represented on hats and jerseys."  When I see a Redskins one, I always go and talk to them because then I know it's going to be a lucky day for me in Las Vegas. I always win after I see a Redskins hat, it's like a good luck sign for me!"

For her sake, hopefully she brought some of that luck back with her to Las Vegas.

Akeem Davis was able to see his daughter on her birthday:Last year, the Patriots came to Richmond, Va., for joint practice sessions, but Davis had to leave suddenly to see the birth of his daughter, Carsyn.

One year to the day, she was dressed in a rainbow tutu wrapped in her father's arms on the football field.

As players left practice, cornerback DeAngelo Hall* and safety Dashon Goldson huddled together around Davis to sing "Happy Birthday" before some other defensive backs – Jeron Johnson * and Phillip Thomas – came over to say hello.

"[They're down] just for the day, so we just sang happy birthday to her," Davis said. "That means a lot to her."

And no, he was not pulling a Steph Curry with reporters.

Keenan Robinson brought his lunch pail to work every day:So Robinson actually did this every day, but he didn't eat lunch from it. Bringing his pail to practice was slightly a practical thing – he carried some equipment and Gatorades inside—but it was mostly psychological.

"It's also to bring that lunch pail mentality to work every day," he said. "When guys see that, at first they were laughing, but they know I'll bring my A-game to practice and treat every practice like an opportunity to get better. Not going through the motions.

"That's what I'm looking forward to doing and that's what it represents."

Check back Wednesday for Part 2




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