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This Is Ryan Kerrigan's Signature Burger

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Become an NFL player, and frequent the Triple XXX Family Restaurant enough, and you may just get the chance to name your own hand-crafted meal.

That was the case for linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who made plenty of visits to the Purdue University favorite while he was in college, becoming a big enough star in West Lafayette, Ind., to create his very own specialty burger.

Though, if you're looking at the photo above for proof, it seems more like a bowl of chili.

The "Ryan Kerrigan" is the restaurant's first half-pound burger, which is covered in melted cheese and the famous Triple XXX homemade chili, lettuce and tomato. Plus a side of fries.

"You'll need silverware and a bib for this bad boy," the brochure reads.

Though, if silverware is necessary, and the second bun is covered in chili, is it still fair to call this a burger?

I'll leave that one for the culinary critics out there.




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