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This Is What Terrance Knighton Is Listening To



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If you haven't seen his work, Terrance Knighton is a contributor for The Player's Tribune and has already written a list his favorite movies and television shows in an article he posted a few weeks ago.

This week Knighton is back with another list, which describes the songs and artists he is listening to at the top of his iPod or phone or whatever music listening device NFL players use these days.

Based on his movie choices – he really likes Matilda – the music is equally diverse. He's got everyone from Jay Z to Taylor Swift.

Here's what Pot Roast is pumping to.

"What More Can I Say" and "Picasso Baby," Jay Z

"Jay Z is my go-to. He's definitely my favorite artist. Whenever I get in the car, I set the tone first with Jay Z."

This is probably why he put Jay Z first on the list. A tone setter.

"Cruisin'," Smokey Robinson

"I'm a laid-back guy, so as much as I love Jay Z and other rap and hip-hop, sometimes I like to cruise, so I'll turn up some old-school music that just keeps me calm and makes the day a lot better."

We all love to cruise. We probably don't do it enough because we're stuck in traffic or Top 40 is pumping out songs at 120 beats per minute. But cruising is good for the soul.

So good for Knighton in recognizing that he's a laid back guy, and sometimes he needs Smokey to lay him back.

"Fire and Desire," Rick James

"I'm a romantic guy, and this is a song I would think women really love. I just like the old-school way of things, and I like the way music can set the mood."

So, aside from being a laid back guy, Knighton apparently is also a romantic guy. Rick James really belts it out on this track and adds some soul to his music selection.

This is another nice throwback and a chance to be both romantic and laid back.

"Sparks Fly," Taylor Swift

"Yep, I have Taylor Swift on my iPod. She's a very good artist. Look, I'm a big fan of music — the whole art form of it — and Taylor Swift is as good as there is out there."

Knighton is defensive right from the start here. I guess football players don't like to usually admit they enjoy listening to a country-turned-pop star singer.

But Swift might be the most popular singer on the planet right now, so give Knighton credit for admitting that he's been a longtime fan and not just jumping on the "1989" bandwagon.

"Trap Queen," Fetty Wap

"Fetty Wap is out here breaking all types of records. As a guy who plays a sport driven by stats, I can appreciate that."

The Royals baseball team has adopted this song as their team's anthem, just a hint at the track's poularity. Though Knighton never really says why he likes it, it's definitely a contender for song of the summer. No need to further elaborate on its greatness.

There's a few other songs Knighton chose for his playlist, but this is enough to give you a taste of his musical palette.




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