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Top 10 Quotes: 2017 #SkinsCamp, Week 1


With the team's first seven days of training camp complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week from Richmond, Va., as compiled by

10. "The fan base is loyal; it's kind of crazy. You hear them on the sideline, they call your name, making fun of people and it's an exciting fan base. You know, they're here with you; win or lose, they are still here. So I appreciate it."
Linebacker Zach Brown,on playing in front of the fans.

9. "It's been a long journey, these last four years from Houston, Tampa, Arizona to here. I feel like now I've finally got a home. I feel like this is home. When I'm out there practicing, it feels great. It feels like I've known these guys for the last five years. I definitely feel at home.– Safety D.J. Swearinger,on playing for the Redskins

8. "If you spend a year in the weight room here with Chad [Englehart], you're going to gain muscle and lose weight and I think a lot of these rookies will go through that. Samaje [Perine] may not, he's kind of rocked up already, but for the most part, most of them will come in and then they'll gain muscle mass and lose weight."
Head coach Jay Gruden,on players' offseason training



7. "My mindset doesn't change, every year you got to make the team. This year they draft a running back, next year they're going to draft a running back, the year after that they're probably draft a running back. You just got to make sure you come in and do your job, only can control what you can control."
– Running back Rob Kelley, on being comfortable as the lead running back

6. "Everything from the food that they have the first day at camp, the players, and the meetings, and the little 30-minute nap that you get and breaks throughout that process, seeing the staff and the coaches and everybody, that team bonding, every single thing. I miss the Gatorade, everything."
Linebacker Junior Galette, on what he took for granted.

5. "You can always play more consistent. That's one of the things in this league, everybody is so good, it's kind of hard to play at a high level every play. I'm crazy enough to think that I can do it, so I'm going to keep working until I get there."– Left tackle Trent Williams, on what he wants to improve in his game

4. "I don't have any aspirations of coaching but sometimes I do get out there and get the pen in my hand and the paper you know and I feel like I could do it."
Safety DeAngelo Hall,on coaching up young defensive backs

The Washington Redskins offense conducted their seventh day of training camp practice Thursday, August 3, 2017 at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va

3. "There's so many kids in the streets nowadays, and poverty and people that are trying to find a way out…When people see you on the internet, see you on social media – because that's all there is nowadays, kids are always on social media and hopefully when they are looking at me, they are like, 'I want to go work hard. That inspires me to go do some great things.' I can pull out my phone and show you my direct messages on Twitter and stuff like that and people just say, 'Man, you inspire me. You posting that video today inspired me.' That's all I want to do. I want to try to do something to make the world better."– Wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr., on why he posts highlight videos to social media.

2. "You know what it is: Contract situations for certain people kind of get annoying after a while, not saying any names."
Head coach Jay Gruden, on if there's a question he's tired of answering.

1. Hey, look dude, I sweat in the refrigerator."
Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula, on how he gets into a sweat so quickly each day.

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