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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Dolphins Practice Week


With the team's practice prep for the Miami Dolphins complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

1. Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan on the plan to increase the volume of runs:

"I do think running the ball sets an attitude, sets a physical style, it sends a message, and it puts confidence in your line and your backs. It's about rush attempts, and it's about pass completions. It's not always perfect; it's not always right. It's just an identity that I believe in. So if we can combine those two and crate big plays off of it, I think we'll be successful."

2. Wide Receiver Steven Sims on his mentality when returning kicks:

"It's always a mentality in my mind that I'm about to score, if I go back there to return a kick that means we gave up a touchdown or we gave points, so the first thing in my mind is we gotta react right now, we gotta score right now."

3. Safety Montae Nicholson on how playing alongside Landon Collins has helped him grow:

"It goes back to preparation, [Landon Collins] has more experience than I do, he has more knowledge than I do. He'll let me know what I need to be looking for and how I need to play certain things, which has helped me a lot actually."

4. Running back Adrian Peterson on the mindset of interim head coach Bill Callahan:

"Now [Bill Callahan's] the head guy, he's demanding [attention to detail and discipline] from not only his group, but everyone. Guys are accepting it, guys are busting their butt. They're working hard and this has been the best week of practice since I've been here in season."

5. Outside Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan on the mentality of the team at 0-5:

"We still know that we are professionals. We have a long season ahead. We still have 11 games left. Those games are going to be there no matter what our record is right now. So, we got to be ready to play those games."

6. Right Tackle Morgan Moses on how the offense can have more success moving forward:

"We haven't really had anything explosive and so right now we just need to play complementary football, hold the ball, chew the clock up, so our defense can stay off the field and convert, we gotta convert third downs."

Take a look at photos from Redskins practice on Thursday October 10, 2019 before they take on the Miami Dolphins.

7. Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky on the keys to limiting the success of Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen:

"Same thing, we gotta get pressure on the cat. Every time you put pressure on the quarterback, he feels it wherever he is – up the gut, in the middle or on the outside. We haven't been there. We did a decent job against [Patriots QB Tom] Brady getting four sacks, especially with a three-man rush at times. But we have to do the same thing against Miami and the quarterbacks."

8. Quarterback Case Keenum on putting together a complete performance:

"Sustaining our focus, making sure that we keep the pressure on through the entire four quarters. Not just a quarter here, a play here, a drive here it's the same intensity, the same focus level throughout the entire game."

9. Defensive Tackle Jonathan Allen describing the mentality of interim head coach Bill Callahan:

"He's a very passionate energetic coach, who's gonna bring the physicality everyday that's what kind of team we're gonna be on Sunday."

10. Left Tackle Donald Penn on sticking together, despite the tough start:

"We've been working hard during the week, everybody has been putting work in practice and stuff, and it's tough when it's not showing on Sunday. But all we can do is keep working, man, that's all we can do is keep working. Keep staying positive and stay together, so that's what we're trying to do."

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