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Top 10 Quotes: #SkinsCamp, Week 2


With the team's second week of training camp complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the last seven days from Richmond, Va., as compiled by

  1. Cornerback Bashaud Breeland: [On his favorite receiver to play against] "I mean, I really don't look at the matchups, I play in the moment. Whoever lines up in front of me in the moment, that's when I go. I really can't tell you who's a hard matchup and who's not, I just play."
  1. Linebacker Houston Bates: "Last year I was getting the advice but now having a year under my belt, I've been through the system and I have the confidence and, yeah, and I want to be a leader for the rookies and show them the ropes because I was there. I was in their shoes last year so I know how it goes and I know the feeling that you're just trying to hold on and do everything you can and yeah, I'll offer up any advice and they know I'll be there anytime they need me."
  1. Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan: [On the Hall of Fame induction] "It was pretty awesome. Seeing Marvin Harrison and a guy that I grew up watching as much as I did getting into the Hall of Fame was pretty awesome. It brought back a lot of good memories watching his little highlight reel and made you appreciate how good he was. I think for a lot of his playing career he got lost in the shuffle a little bit because he wasn't loud or braggadocious or anything, but to see his production and performance recognized was pretty cool."
  1. Linebacker Mason Foster: "The [Madden] ratings really doesn't matter. As long as they have my spat, gloves and a visor, I can go from there. But they gotta have me looking right."
  1. Left tackle Trent Williams: "When you know what you're doing and you're more familiar, that breeds the confidence. I think that the job that the front office has done will continually add depth to this team and continually add playmakers and cornerstones to this team. The confidence just comes along with it. We know we're a talented bunch but at the same time we know that you can't win a game on paper. Our plan is to go out and prove it on Sundays."
  1. Kicker Dustin Hopkins: [On hitting a videographer during his field goal kicks] "We weren't even live yet so I was just warming up and Julian is up there filming and he always gives me a hard time about possibly hitting him and the ball squeezed through the crane railing and he gave me the business for it you could say, but our film crew does an awesome job making sure we have what we need to be successful. After this I'll go watch film and see things I could do better and did well and try to take that into tomorrow. It's fun having fun at the same time with those guys up there."

The Washington Redskins defense and special teams conducted their ninth day of training camp practice Sunday, August 7, 2016 at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va.

  1. Tight end Vernon Davis: "I see some of the same qualities that Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning had. And I say that because you look at Trent Williams, just from a leadership standpoint, he exemplifies what it takes to be a leader. He's standing up in the meetings, he's vocal, he's talking about plays, he's calling signals out and not only that, he's always into the game. I say that meaning he's in his book, every time you see him he's just football. He's just a great person, and that's what Peyton Manning was and when he comes out here he's ready to work. He's getting on guys, he's just being a leader and that's what you need on your team. You need a good quarterback who can step in and be that leader."
  1. Linebacker Will Compton: [Reflecting on his undrafted experience to now] "It's the biggest uphill climb ever. You start at the bottom as fourth-string – not even on special teams sometimes – so you've got to get after it. You have very few and limited reps and chances to show your stuff. My advice – and something that I worked on as a rookie – was just keeping an optimistic and positive mindset because you can't worry about the results of everything. If you do, I know from experience you're going to beat yourself up about it because you want it so bad. You want the coaches to give you a chance. There is some luck involved but what guys need to do until they get their chance is be prepared. I've talked about it before, but one thing I did was game plan the offense just like I do opponents now just so I could get down whatever the quarterbacks are saying and checking – whatever formation, personnel, everything. I was trying to anticipate plays already so that way when I got my couple of reps, I was trying to play as fast as I could and be loud."
  1. Head coach Jay Gruden: "I think the mental approach has been outstanding, and I think every time that they've come out here, they've given solid effort. And that's all I'm looking for really for them to come out here. Defense, you want to see consistent pursuit and effort, and offensively, you want to make sure they're on their assignments and doing everything full-speed. When we're going full-speed, they're going full-speed, they're doing a good job. I'm impressed with them. We're having our share of mistakes on both sides of the ball; we're getting them corrected and coached up and the following day you don't see many of the same mistakes twice, which is exciting. But, they're doing well."
  1. Wide receiver Jamison Crowder: "You know, it's practice. That's what we're out here for, to get better and to challenge each other. It's not like [Josh Norman's] going against a guy that's not capable of winning matchups and 1-on-1's. I really look at it as for wide receivers, it's really for a wide receiver to win. But I mean, of course, he's getting paid. He's known to be a top corner in this league, so everybody is supposedly like, 'He's supposed to stop whoever it is that's coming out there,' but it's challenging on both sides. But as far as his intangibles, his length, his arms, he's got some great intangibles with his game. I think, right now, it's just only helping him. He's in a new environment, he's trying to figure out what it is, how he's going to play certain things so it's just part of practice, part of training camp. But I definitely think going into the season, going against me and Pierre, I think he will be ready for the season. He will be ready to go versus whoever he has to match up against." 
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